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Where would new Disney parks make the most sense?

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The thread on a potential park in Spain got me thinking.


Disney will continue making parks around the world. That's given. But what locations would make the most sense economically for them to expand to?


The biggest rumors I've seen lately are Shanghai and Australia. And I'm not sure how much sense either makes, really. As to Shanghai, yes -- China has a lot of people, and the economy there is expanding rapidly. But what kind of access is there to the park in Hong Kong? Would a second park in China take away business from the first? Or would it only boost interest, especially if the parks had sufficiently different attractions? And Australia? Sure, it has a lot of tourism, but most people who visit Australia aren't going to be going for Mickey. And does Australia really have enough people to really warrant a major Disney investment? I'm not sure.


But what about other locations?


I think in the next ten or twenty years, perhaps an India park would make sense. Or perhaps Singapore. Something to hit the South / Southeast Asian market.


Or South America? Rio?


Perhaps even South Africa at some point?


I have no idea whether these really make sense now, but it's a speculative start. Perhaps somebody more learned in global economics could offer better suggestions.

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After eleven years, finally this thread will get a post. Pass out the Champagne!!!


Already Disney got two parks in California, four parks in Florida, one in France, and one in Hong Kong, plus several resorts and cruises. I cannot think where the next park will go next.


There was a planned park in Haymarket, Virginia back in the 1990's, but the plans got scrapped and never came to light again. It's a pity because if the plans came to fruition and the park opened up in 1998, then that park could've been celebrating its 20th anniversary next year. If Disney were to try to build a new park in Virginia today, it would have to contend with the fact that this park won't be able to remain open everyday of the year like the ones in California and Florida ( unless a majority of its attractions are indoors and the fact the site it chooses could have significant historic connections ( like Haymarket did with being near a Civil War battlesite ).


To me, with all the next buildings and new attractions slated for Disneyland and other Disney parks, I think they have more on their plate already than deciding to build the next Disneyland.

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