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Need some help with TPR streaming video

Do you prefer to stream or download videos?  

71 members have voted

  1. 1. Do you prefer to stream or download videos?

    • Stream (Play in your browser on demand)
    • Download (Put on your hard drive to play when you want)

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Hey everyone,


I'm still messing around with streaming video on the site and I've set up the most recent Tatsu video as a test.


If you have some time, could you please go to the Tatsu page and click on the "Stream our Tatsu Video Here" link and tell me if it works for you:



Note that I have *just* changed what this link does, so if you clicked on that link yesterday, it's totally different now from what you saw before.


What I'm trying to find out is:


- Did the video work for you in your browser?

- Does it buffer as fast as other sites?

- Did the video and audio play ok?


Thanks again for your help!



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I prefer streaming, really, because videos fill up my hard drive real fast (40 GB hard drive, was good in 2002, but now there are iPods with more space than that!). So, I prefer streaming, its just more convenient for me.


But then, the dial-uppers would be a bit peeved though.

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10-4 on AOL Robb. The video quality was all there, and the sound was good. The speed was even faster than other sites, I just had to hit play and there you were talking to me. I prefer streaming for the same reason as Homer.

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Not everyone has highspeed internet so for those, streaming most likely not so good.

I do have highspeed, but i still prefer to download a higher quality video that i can view and enjoy anytime i like forever.


Even with highspeed if i am downloading and i try to stream video it still may not go so smoothly.


Thats just me though.


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I prefer to download. But then again streaming videos can always be downloaded manually by right-clicking, properties, and copying the url into a download manager if the download option isn't available, right? I like the way the Tatsu video is done; It's available both for a download and streaming.


Oh and the video worked in Internet Explorer but not firefox. But I assume you didn't intend on supporting that to begin with.

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PS- Was the video supposed to cut off after the "What did the water dummies do" part of the video?

No. Did anyone else have this problem?


This seems be the reason why we've never gone to the streaming format nor why I like it.


Seem that it's not a "lowest common denominator" solution.


I'd much rather eliminate all risk of error together by simply not offering something that could cause problems. Does that make sense?


--Robb "looks like downloading may be the best solution." Alvey

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The video and audio quality were pretty good. I played the video twice and randomly, it would cut out and then a page for the 3rd annual video editing contest came up! Once, it did it before Elissa was "spooged" on. Another time, it was after the shot of the goose!


Downloading the video took a few minutes.

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A few points:

I prefer streaming as opposed to clogging up my hard drive.

I use firefox in linux and I use the extension MediaPlayerConnectivity which fires up Mplayer.

For simplicity on my end, I like Realplayer streams and some of that Flash-based stuff like Google video works really well (it ALWAYS plays, just a little sync problem).

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I was going to instantly vote for streaming, seeing as I have zero space to spare on my hard drive and the Spain videos you streamed worked instantly perfectly for me, but nothing is happening with this one in either Safari, or Internet Explorer (which I never use but tried just to see if it was Safari that was the problem).

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Well, I'm a greedy little bastard, so I prefer both streaming and download.


See, when people post video trip reports, I prefer to stream--its more convenient and I dont have to feel bad for wasting 5 minutes of downloading time if the video is crap. Even if it isn't crap, there are somethings I dont need to keep on my desktop. For example Robb, I loved your Tatsu testing video, but I wont need it once the videos with people begin to come out....so I prefer streaming here.


And downloading is good for when I want to save something, as a reference.



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Neither option is working for me today. Our connection is pretty shoddy this week. (I'm out to sea.) I couldn't stream it, in fact I never saw the play button. Download time was over two hours, which is longer than I'm willing or able to wait.

Typically, at home I prefer to download. At work, streaming is usually better.

Often, I just wait until I get home to download.


End result: One vote for Download!

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The streaming worked instantly for me, first time.


I do still like the download where I can then fill my screen with TPR Coaster Goodness, heh heh.


But this streaming worked fine for me, tonight.


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