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Intamin Mega Coasters

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I find it odd that there haven't been any recent installments of an Intamin Mega Coaster. I believe the last one was Thunder Dolphin in 2003. With the recent popularity of accelerator coasters, do you think we'll ever see another mega coaster?

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I know it isn't Intamin's fault, but there seems to be a lot more ejections from their coasters than other companies. Hopefully that doesn't ruin their name, but it may have something to do with it, as well as why Ka has OTSR's but Dragster doesn't.


I love Intamin Hypers. I wish La Ronde's was an Intamin, though i'm sure the B&M will be great.

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I've always wondered how much more of an insurance liability Intamin rides are because of their unfortunate history with ride accidents/deaths. That has to scare parks way, because Intamin mega coasters are not that expensive. IIRC, Goliath and Walibi World and Expedition GeForce were only in the 7-8 million dollar price range! Factoring in the higher cost of construction in the U.S., that still comes out to 10-12 million dollars.


-Joey "who wishes parks would build Balder clones instead of mega coasters anyways" Mandel

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After a series of unfortunate accidents, I get the impression that parks are waiting for Intamin to prove their safty reputation again. However, I think they're too popular to not build another one somewhere. I keep hoping every year that Paramount will wise up and put one at PKD (or even Carowinds) but alas... another lauched ride that doesn't open on time.

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I definatly think that there will be more Intamin Mega's in the future, especaily since there are their peak position right now. Wish Intamin would build one at Kennywood, that would inter-twine with The Phatom's Revenge and Thunderbolt in the ravine...and maybe a few passbys near the Pit fall...(one can dream....)

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