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Rita - Review and Pictures

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I still think that ride looks like a lot of fun. That launch into the turn and airtime hill combo sounds like a blast. I guess if they want to try out other layouts that don't involve the tophat, you have to start somewhere.

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Theres an on-ride video here. I haven't seen it yet, I'm downloading it now.


Click Here for Video


I'm one of the lucky few who got to ride Rita!! I couldn't beleive I actually got to ride. It was due to luckily meeting someone very special the night before who offered me a room in the Alton Towers hotel, along with tickets to ride Rita. I managed 3 rides on it. One at the front-ish, one at the back and one in the middle. The back was the best, the air-time was...really powerful lol you get throw out of your seat. It's a shame you dont feel it for long enough though.


Well firstly, we arrived at Rita with our passes from the hotel, we got to the entrance and walked straight to the station. I was there the day before when the ride was closed and..weel Ug Land rocks!! it's like my fav place now, the whole race meet idea is great and the thing that MAKES this area is the ride music, in the style of a radio similar to Tidal Wave, it has comical commentry and interviews as well, which are cool.


Anyway, we got on the station and a ray of sunlight shined through the clouds onto the train (well...it wasnt that dramatic, but it did happen). Yeh anyway I was really excited and I was gazing in awe at the ride, telling myself I would FINALLY get to ride his she devil.


I boarded the train and my heart was beating fast. The seats were not cramped at all, infact theres enough room for even the tallest people I know. the Ride assistants check your restraints and a straight peice of track lyes ahead of you.


A voice shouts "This is the final countdown, the race is about to begin". The train edges forwards. One red light appears on the light thingy "The tension is mounting" by this time 2 lights have gone on. The train moves backwards slightly. "3". 3 lights ."2". 4 lights ."1" all the red lights are on. "go go go!!". The lights turn green, you hear your car screeching and smoke comes out the back and in an instant you fly out of the station. The force is intense! and it pushes you back, and you feel the urge to scream! And your breath is taken. You fly round the first corner and whip over the first hill, which sends you flying out your seat, the restraints really have to do their jobs. You dive back down towards Corkie's station and behind the photo booth at some serious speed and force before rising up again into another hill with a similar effect as the first. You then dive back down into the final helix, in which you get an amazing feeling of speed as the trees fly past and the wind moves your hair, this feeling lasts right into you jump up into the brakes where you get a chance to wipe your eyes and calm down. You make it round the final corner (which is taken pretty quick actually) and you hit the unload station to..unload of course. The on-ride booth is then directly opposite you.


Anyway, a great addition to the park. It's fast, short and sweet. It was my first ever launch coaster, and it was an intense launch. I can't even imagine what Kingda Ka's would be like!.


I'm on the right and Daniel is on the left

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Some cool pics and reviews of Intamin's latest rocket coaster.


Wow, that certaintly looks, umm, different. Nice pics, but I hate when sites can't bother to resize images, and they end up all squished like that. If you drag the pictures to the address bar, they are all 1280x960.

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Old ones have not been faulty. So far just about every accident has involved 1 of 2 things: Park Error or Guest Error...and techincally the park should prevent Guest Error so that leaves just park error.



Amazing what some glorified news can do.

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