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Photo TR Six Flags New England April 19th


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Weather: Perfect

Crowds: Moderate

Rides closed: Catapult, Skycoaster, Mind Eraser (That's it!?)


My girlfriend Ali and I arrived around noon and headed straight for Superman: Ride Of Steel. The wait was about 15 minutes. We got in the front seat after an additional 10 or so minutes. Always worth it. We ended up with two rides. Airtime for everybody...


Up next was Nightwing... well we tried to ride it but after 45 minutes and two puke cleanups, we decided to move on. We finally saw the 'Superman guy' everyone's always talking about. Just a little strange...


We headed to the North End to check out Catapult, the sign at the front of the park said it was closed but we wanted to see it test. See the photos below of Catapult catapulting water bottles. You can thank my girlfriend Ali for being such a good sport and taking all the great photos.


Cyclone looks nice with the new paint, entrance and retracking but the line was insane! Pandemonium also had a long line as usual, so we pretty much did no rides in the South End.


We stopped by Crackaxle Canyon for Tomahawk, a Huss Frisbee. Great as always, and always a walkon.


Later on, I took a ride on Splashwater Falls, the new spinning raft ride. Great fun but I can see it will have long lines through the summer. A bit of advice... The entrance sign says Flashpass enter right, and standby enter left. DO THE OPPOSITE. They messed up on the signing. Good one.


To end the day, we hit Batman The Dark Knight, which looks like may be changed to Batman The Ride according to park signing. I don't know what it is but I love this coaster. Great zero g roll and the colors and location are also nice.


Overall, a pretty good day at the park and the improvements are very nice. Please enjoy the below photos. Thanks again Ali.


(Robb please feel free to use these in the gallery!)


Catapult inverting.


Batman offering zero gravity.


Apparently Batman The Dark Knight is reffered to as Batman The Ride on the park's signing. map still says Knight... Whatever. Awesome little B&M.


The interlocked flat spins.


Flashback and the freshly painted Cyclone.


Wheels anyone?


Best first drop in the world.




An overview of the South End minus the ferris wheel...


Gotta love Tomahawk...


Nightwing... The only Huss Fly Away outside Europe.


We waited 45 minutes for 2 puke cleanups... and still no ride on Nightwing today.


Twister was running a decent program.


The rafts actually spin pretty fast! This is a great addition to SFNE!


A rear view of SWF.


The line for Splashwater Falls was about an hour, so I went down the Fastpass line to see if they needed a single rider, here's my stolen family for the ride cycle...


Catapult was testing all day today, not just up and down but finally completing ride cycles regularly with water bottles.


Catapult going vertical.

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Nice photos! SFNE is defintely on my list of parks to do before I'm 30, if only for Superman!


Here's to hoping that Catapult has a relatively trouble-free season. Slammer at Thorpe Park is an awesome ride, and I hope this one is open more than during its time at Astroworld.

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Nice photos! SFNE is defintely on my list of parks to do before I'm 30, if only for Superman!


Here's to hoping that Catapult has a relatively trouble-free season. Slammer at Thorpe Park is an awesome ride, and I hope this one is open more than during its time at Astroworld.


SFNE is up there in being one of the good Six Flags parks. Of course, it was 10 times better during it's Riverside era. But it's still good.


Also, I think I saw the superman guy when I went on opening day. My Dad asked me what kind of person wears a Superman T-Shirt with the cape attached on the back.

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