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Cedar Point

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My family is planning a trip to Cedar point this summer. Can you guys help me by telling me what to expect, like what rides to go on, where I should go first, and stuff like that. Some rides I definetly want to hit are: MF, TTD, Raptor, Magnum XL200, Blue Streak, Gemini, maXair, and Skyhawk. Can you guys also review some rides for me, I have no idea what to expect on rides like Mean Streak, Wicked Twister, DT, and Iron Dragon.

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Go to MF or TTD first, as those are the longest lines. If you stay at one of Cedar Point's hotels, you get in early to ride one ride before the park starts, usually MF or Raptor, although I've been on TTD that way, too. If you go to MF first, wait until TTD goes down for whatever reason, and once you see it running again, get in line, that's the best way to get on with a short wait. It's all kind of luck. Meanstreak is braked so much now it's almost like a tour of a wooden coaster, disaster transport is a fun ride, but SHORT. If the wait is an hour, skip it, you won't think it's worth it at all. If Wicked Twister is running, try to ride in the front or the back seat. MF is a great back seat ride. TTD is well worth waiting for the front seat. Cedar Creek Mine Ride is a fun little Arrow mine train. Power tower red side is fun, green side has almost no forces and is pretty tame. If Gemini has both sides going and racing, have fun slapping fives with the other train on the turns. Blue Streak is actually a great little woodie. Ride it either in front or back for best airtime. Wildcat and Iron Dragon are both fun in their own ways. Mantis is my third favorite B&M standup, and a front-seat ride is preferred. Same with Raptor, front seat is the bomb. Other than that there's and arrow corkscrew and of course Magnum. Ride Magnum in seat 1-3 if you dare! Lots of ejector air. Hope you have fun at one of my favorite parks, and take some pictures to share if you can!


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I went to Cedar Point in 2003 a week after Top Thrill Dragster opened. My friend and I went there for 2 days. Because we went in May the park was pretty empty. The longest lines we waited for was for Top Thrill Dragster & Millennium Force. All the other rides were walk on's or less than a 15 minute wait. Here are my ratings for the attractions we experienced:


Wicked Twister

(Inverted Launch Shuttle)

Grade: A

This was the first ride we hit. It was a lot of fun. Very fast and being

next to the lake was very cool.


Disaster Transport

(Indoor Bobsled)

Grade: C

I love indoor coasters/ dark rides, so I was looking forward to this.

You can buy 3-D glasses in the line to wear on the ride. The ride was

fun but seemed outdated. The 3-D glasses didn't really work. Because

there was no line we rode it a couple of times.


Magnum XL200

(Steel Hyper Coaster)

Grade: B+

I had always wanted to ride this coaster since it opened. I think I would

have given it an A but when I rode I had a headache, so the coaster felt

rough to me. Stlii a great ride though.


Power Tower

(Drop/Launch Tower)

Grade: B

Tried both the drop & launch, fun but it is the same ride at many other




(Steel double looper)

Grade: C

Standard corkscrew coaster. Neat because one of the older coasters in

the park. Like all corkscrew coasters a little bit too rough for me.


Top Thrill Dragster (Giga Launch)

Grade: A

Again, when I went, this coaster had just opened a week before. So it

was down a lot of the time. Finally we got to ride it. It was very nerve

racking waiting to launch. When we did take off it was an amazing

experience of climing & climbing till we hit the top hat section. Pretty

intense. My face felt like it was being sucked off by the forces! Loved

the ride but very short.



(Duel Racing Steel)

Grade: B

I have heard a lot of people say they don't like this coaster. I loved it.

It was so smooth and fun!


Mean Streak


Grade: A

Another coaster that I have heard people say is too rough and not fun.

I actully enjoyed Mean Streak a lot.


Cedar Creek Mine Ride

(Steel Mine Train)

Grade: B

A family and older ride. I thought this ride was pretty decent for a

runaway train ride. I enjoyed it a lot.



(Stand Up Steel)

Grade: B-

I am not a giant fan of stand-up coasters. I find them to be very

uncomfortable. I have riden as of right now, only 2 other standup

coasters: Shockwave at Kings Dominion & Georgia Scorcher at Six

Flags Over Georgia. I thaught out of all of them Mantis was my favorite

stand up coaster. That might change because I am planning on going to

Six Flags Magic Mountain next week for the first time, so Ridler's

Revenge might change my mind and become my favorite.


Millennium Force

(Mega Steel)

Grade: A+

What can I say? This has become my favorite coaster of all time! I got

to ride about 4 times, once in the front. This was so amazing! The ride

itself was smooth as glass. In my opinion, best coaster in the park and

for me, the world!


Iron Dragon

(Steel Suspending)

Grade: B

Fun going over the water and swinging through the trees. Kind of rough,

but fun.


Wild Cat

(Compact Steel)

Grade: C+

I hadn't been on a coaster like this for a long time. I used to go on a

compact coaster like this at my childhood park, Canobie Lake Park in

New Hampshire. Rough, but that's what you expect on this type of




(Steel Inverted)

Grade: B-

Fun ride, not a short as the Batman Rides everywhere. But I personally l

love Montu at my home park: Busch Gardens Africa.


Blue Streak

(Out & Back Wooden)

Grade: B

Fun out and back woodie. Lots of history, being one of the oldest coaters

in the park.


So I had a fantastic time at Cedar Point. It had been a dream come true since I was young. I am sure you are going to have a blast! If you can try to go for 2 days so you can enjoy the whole park without being rushed.


--Eric J

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Rides you want to hit in the morning are MF and TTD< I recommend rthe Dragster first. Then go to the MF. After MF hit the Mantis do not get in the 4 back cars. Go on Thundercanyon or Snake Revire Falls depending if you want to get wet. Hit Skyhawk this line will most likley be at least an 1hr long. Go to the Meanstreak this line will be atleast a 30 minute wait now. Maybe get something to snack on. Afterwards ride the Gemini. Hit the Magnum. get another snack.

It should be between 2:00-3:00 you will see some of the lines shorter because alot of people eat at this time. Hit the power tower try to ride the red and green cars. If you want to hit the corkscrew thats fine ,but you may get a headache. Go on the iron dragon it is pretty fun. Walk to the Wicked Twister and ride that and ride all the rides you want to in that area. Walk to the Raptor ride that, hit the bluestreak and you are finished. And you have time to spare to do other things.

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Along with the above rides mentioned, i'd add Troika to the list.

CP is the only park in the US i know of that has that ride. It's better at night.


Fun Spot-Indiana

Six Flags Great America

Paramount's Kings Dominion

Six Flags Elitch Gardens

Kings Island

Six Flags over Texas is getting one for this year.


-Bryan "still a great ride to hit up" Wood

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all that I have to say is where you should sit on all of these great coasters.


Millennium Force: Sit in the very front or the very back.(If you want to experience the drop wait for the front)


Top Thrill Dragster: Front seat.(don't try the second seat, it's just not the same)


Raptor: Back seat on the right side.(a great freefall experience on the first drop when your sitting in this seat)


Blue Streak: Back seat.(you will get great airtime)


Disaster Transport: Anywhere(If the line is over 20 min skip this ride)


Wicked twister: Front or Back seat(gives the best drop)


Mean Streak: Front seat(is the least painful seat)


Gemini: anywhere(this is a fun ride in any seat)


Iron Dragon: back seat(great freefall experience on first drop)


Mantis: anywhere(this gives you the same experience in any seat)


corkscrew: anywhere(skip if you don't want a headache)


Magnum XL 200: Front or back seat(great airtime)


Cedar Creek Mine Mine Ride: Sit in the front (looks like you are going to fly off of the track on the turns)


Wildcat: anywhere(this is a really fun little ride)

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Blue Streak

(Out & Back Wooden)

Grade: B

Fun out and back woodie. Lots of history, being one of the oldest coaters

in the park.

--Eric J


Blue Streak is THE oldest coaster in the park! It opened in 1964. It is my favorite ride in the entire park and imho no seat is a bad seat on that coaster, though I prefer the front seat of the last car.


The park has removed much of its own History which is part of the reason I don't like the park as much as I "should." For a rare treat, stop in the Operations office next to Kiddie Kingdom and see if someone will take you up to see the Grand Ballroom upstairs. The park rarely uses it for anything- but it is an Art Deco site to behold- close your eyes and you can almost hear the Glen Miller band playing and see hundreds of swing dancers!


PS: I'll throw this in here- is it odd that I prefer to sit on the right hand side of any coaster train? Does anyone else have standing preference on every coaster towards right or left?

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Did I ride the same Cedar Creek Mine Ride as all of you? That was probably my least favorite mine train I've ever ridden.


Other than that, I liked just about all the coasters.


Best: Top Thrill Dragster, Millenium Force, Raptor

Very good: Mantis, Wicked Twister, Iron Dragon, Blue Streak

Pretty good: Mean Streak, Wildcat, Magnum, Gemini, Corkscrew

Not too good: Disaster Transport, Cedar Creek Mine Ride

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If you are staying at breakers, TTD is NOT and early ride this year so hit that right when the park opens, other then that Millennium, Skyhawk and Raptor are the "scheduled" early rides. Heres my review:


Roller Coasters


Millennium Force:


Great ride, excelent airtime and the speed is maintained the whole entire ride. Also it's incredibly smooth. Sit in either the very front or very back, they are both worth whatever wait they may have.


Top Thrill Dragster:


Another amazing ride, the launch is extremly intense but the ride its self is very short. Front is the best place to sit, definetly worth the wait.


Wicked Twister:


Good ride, intense launch, just makes me dizzy. Other then that i would sit in the front of the back. Perferably the back cause on the back spike you can look down into the vortex the train makes, very very cool.




I love this ride, one of my favorites in the park. The ride is great and fairly smooth for most of the ride, the only rough part is turning into the break run, but if you brace yourself you should be ok. Sit in the front, nothing else beats it.


Blue Streak:


Classic ride, incredible airtime, especially if you sit in the back. The only complaint i have is it can be rough.


Magnum XL 200:


Another "classic" ride. If you can stand a little bit of roughness, sit in the first car, third row. You will get the most intense airtime on almost any ride i have experienced.


Mean Streak:


It has the potental to be a good ride its just breaked so much its boring. If you really want to go on it the front or the back is the best place to sit.


Disaster Transport:


Short but sweet, don't wait over ehh 20-25 minuets for it. Maybe a half hour if you really want the credit. Sit anywhere, its pitch black for most of the ride and it's not a very forceful ride anyway.


Cedar Creek Mine Ride:


Fun ride, its a kiddie coaster so it's an ok ride to skip if your pushed on time. But if you do have time, it is a very fun ride, just very "kiddie-ish".




Arrow Corkscrew, need I say more.


Iron Dragon:


Another fun ride, not very forceful but it's fun and definetly worth hitting. Don't wait more then 15 minuets for it, even though the line hardly ever gets above that.




This is probably my opinion but I usually skip this ride when i go. It is a ok ride. Just be sure that when you get on that you bend your knees a little or else you will be paying for it when you get off. It can bang your head around a little bit too.




Short but fun ride, suprisingly forceful and good if there's not a long wait.




Flat Rides




Awsome ride, very fun and i like it cause it hardly spins. Amazing airtime. If your lucky, see if you can get either between seats 1-8 or 25-32. But it's a good ride where ever you sit.


Power Tower Space Shot:


Fairly good ride, nice airtime when you hit the top. Another good thing about it is that there is barley ever a wait for it, at least when i have gone.


Power Tower Turbo Drop:


Much better side of Power Tower. Much anticipation when your at the top and extremly intense airtime when the shoot you down. It also gives you a nice view depending where you sit.


Thats it for my review, obviously im not huge on the flats. Hope this helps!



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