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Six Flags Marine World's "Tava's Jungleland" Tour

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[b] socal man wrote

keep hearing that, and it puzzles me. When was SFMW not first and foremost a family park? There's a grand total of three top-tier thrill rides (all of which have been indifferently operated and spottily maintained, and the newest of which is 5 years old), one SBNO mistake, a Boomerang and an SLC, and that's about it. The rest of the blend is relentlessly family-friendly...whale show, aviary, tiger show, bird show, pet the dolphins, Looney Tunes Seaport, a family coaster near Medusa, lots of family-suitable flats throughout, and the last expansion was the stingray-and-dolphin area. What this does is make the park more toddler-friendly. When the Jungleland protoype opened at SFGAdv, it accompanied the opening of Kingda Ka. When Tava's Jungleland opens at SFMW, it will be accompanied by nothing more thrilling than a 50% hike in parking fees...[




Six flags needs to become more family oriented all around. It is true that they are getting away from the thrills and the teens, but thats the only way six flags will be able to stay around. Example, Six Flags Magic Mountain is everything they don't want it to become, a thrill park. Six flags is trying to get more family oriented and i agree with their desicisions

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