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1st Annual RCT3 Terrian Coaster Competition!

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Hello welcome to my 1ST Annual RCT3 Terrain Coaster Competition!


You will be given a 90x90 square template on which you are to build a terrain coaster. There is a maximum of 35 points. The coasters will be scored accordingly:


Up to 5 points for Exitement.


Up to 5 points for Intensity


Up to 5 points for Nausea (rated on how bareable it is)


Up to 5 points for Positive Vertical G's (preferably 5 or under, we are going for something feasible here)


Up to 5 points for Negetive vertical G's (Preferably -1 or closer to 0 which is the baseline G number)


Bonus points:


Up to 5 points for themeing and/or steelworx custom supports.


Up to 5 points for AiRtImE!!11!!!111!


You may use any coaster or theming and other rides as you have EVERYTHING in the game. The entries MUST be in by May 2nd. So have fun! [/b]


Put this file in the "Start New Scenarios" file in the RCT3 folder in "My Documents" This info is for people new to RCT3 but i doubt there are any out there.

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Wow this template is tough! This is gonna be interesting! Oh! And one question can you use water if it works well with your landscaping Vekom Fan Boy????? Just curious i don't know if I really wanna use it.







-Zack " I hate you for making this template" Lloyd-



Just kidding!...lol

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^^^You go to "My Documents" then there should be an RCT3 folder open that then there should be "Start new Scenarios" and you put the file in that.


^^ Yes you can use water and TWEAK the land the only major adustment of land can be for tunnels or making a flat spot for a station.


^ there should be a link up a few posts if it isnt working just use that address in your e-mail provider and if you cant just put it on here for download. P.S. I'll put all contestants tracks up for download. And try to post a screen shot, AND (last thing) due to delys i will give you until May 18. Please have fun.

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Up to 5 points for Negetive vertical G's


Up to 5 points for AiRtImE!!11!!!111!


Isn't that basically the same thing? As I understand it airtime is the the feeling produced as a result of negative Gs.




Well the thing is what i was going for was g's no less than -1 because in the real world mor than that is considered dangerous. And as for AiRtImE!!!11!!1 it was for how much there is but i will give you a bit of a break on that if it is more a looping coaster than an airtime machine.




(a couple posts up) you don't have to fill the template i made it that large so you have plenty of room.



As for one last matter yes you can PM me the template.

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^ You've gotta be yanking my chain. But if you REALLY don't know how to play try and refer to the manual that came with it, or if you go to the main screen there is a button with a dude wearing a colledge hat and robe holding a pointer marked "tutorials" try 'em out. But if you are just trying to tic me off please just stop. Because things like that can upset the moderaters.





P.S. if you really are new no offense. But please try the manual or tutorials.

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