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Busch Gardens Tampa Question

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At least buy it a drink first. If you're cheap like me, just hit up the hospitality center.


But... yeah. Kumba was one of my first coasters and it's still one of my favorites. Awesome cobra roll, long tunnel and that weird wavy section of track after the zero-g.


Be gentle...



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I took in Kumba from the back and that girls' got some energy for being that old. I reccomend back seats right side, you know that ass is good!

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"I did Kumba from the back." (wes41190)


Not that there's anything wrong with that...


I was at BGT back in 2002 and had the chance to "do" Kumba, but it broke down before I could get there. Oh well, next time.



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I used to live a couple blocks away from BGT, so Kumba is kind of the "girl next door" for me. I've had her so many times that I know her like the palm of my hand (did I just say that).


I have always been partial to doing her in the back, but every once in a while I like to do it in the front. I just love the view.

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I believe there was another posting on the site "Fav coaster, but afraid to admit it to others(?)..lol


Kumba is that ride for me. I recall opening day when Michael Richards (Kramer from Seinfeld) and it was hilarious. The ride has all the classic elements that I look for: vert loop (through the lift!!!), corkscrews, a tunnel, good helix at the end, that small speed bump (before cobra roll), and who can forget about the Immelman (to me, one of the best inversions to date/next to Dive loop), and that cobra roll is pretty good. The best parts is riding at nite...but whooo that 0-g roll is probably the BEST of all B&Ms (back row). I can't figure out why, but this is one of my best all time classic rides (sit-down version anyway..lol)..

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