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Photo Trip Report : Six Flags New England

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Hi !


My first trip report on Theme Park review but a long time reader...


Since we are back from California, the only rollercoaster open near Quebec city is The Capitale Express http://www.rcdb.com/id369.htm.

My boyfriend and I decided to go to Six Flags New England, about 7 hours away ! Yeah we love road trips... here goes the days : friday we drove up there, saturday and sunday we hit the park and monday we came back !


It was our first visit to SFNE and we already want to come back !

Six Flags is really making a turnaround this year with great employees, characters everywhere, restroom attendants ! The overall atmosphere was really great ! We had a blast !


First of all, we were about the 4th car in the parking lot at 8:20 saturday morning ! And yes the parking lot was already open with 6 parking attendants ! They were smiling and they came to say Have a great day at SFNE today... and we did ! What a great start !


The parking lot was empty...



The Tram was already running...


Trams for the Parade


We were about the first persons to arrive


Neat and clean, beautiful... are we at Disneyland ? Very impressive for a Six Flags park... maybe it was there before Six Flags ownership, I don't know...


They opened the gates at 9:30, we could shop around waiting for the opening...everybody was at the season pass processing center, we already had our six flags magic moutain 2006 SP !


Really great scenery ! I can't believe I'm at a Six Flags park ! (I've been to SFMM, SFMW, SFGA, SF LARonde).


An opening ceremony is beginning... here is Six Flags Family of the day !

(a different one every day ! what a great touch)


More people are showing up (it's about 9:50)... notice the smiles... and this is not Disneyland ! ...

There's a Six Flags character (created for the park) in this picture... bad costume..find it !


Yeah ! Costumed characters !


Tweety ! I love you ! Too bad you don't fit in my birdcage at home...


Bugs bunny is the real star of the show ! Everybody was excited !


They have a little dance on a kitchy song... There's a party at Six Flags..lalalala


Yeah the park is opening ! Confetti everywhere ! What a great start !

Six Flags atmosphere at his best


Everybody was running to Superman, Six Flags members were politely telling people : You run, you leave, don't ruin your day ! And people stopped running... Superheros escorted us down the ramp to Superman, great idea to control excited people !


Superman ride of Steel wasn't warm enough yet... they cycled the trains until 10:15 and let us enter at that time. We were in the first people to enter the station, we made our way to the last row.

Blue train was being loaded, we were next in the red train....

The red train waiting for us...


The blue train was almost over his first run but the red train was not dispatched yet... the lapbars in the last car were not able to lock properly We had to wait 3 cycle to go in the blue train...


Blue train


First run, First riders of the season... Get your hands up in the air !


Oh no !!! I always take the wrong row...


SROS station was jampacked ! Some coasters enthusiasts were there..

I had my black Theme Park Review t-shirt but it was to cold to unzip my jacket !


Superman was really great... Surely in my top 5 steel coasters but Desperado is still #1 to me !

A lot of ejector time, I loved it !


We made our way to Mr Six's Pandemonium, it was fun but not spinning too much... the next day it was spinning a lot more !


Flashback is the best Vekoma Boomerang I've ever ride !

Rode it 4 times, none headbanging ! Unbelievable...


Me and a great looney toons fountain..


Some random photos taken sunday...


I did not expect Cyclone to be this good ! Probably my favorite wooden coaster after Hades ! Intensity, speed, smoothness... it was crazy ! I heard it went into retracking this winter...


Mike and I in the western town...


I had no idea what Houdini was... a madhouse by vekoma.. We loved it !

Really great illusion of being upside down...


Mike and Bugs Bunny


There even was a Blues show ... but nobody to enjoy it...


I want that for Chritmas !


Ribs and Bbq beef were good..too bad it wasn't warm enough... still delicious anyway !

Mike loves his ribs ! Don't eat too much of them ok ? I don't want you to be on some "Shamu" photos of TPR !

Ok ok..I'M gonna be the next Shamu ...


Mind Eraser is closed again on second day... 8 coasters working out of 9..not bad at all ! But I wanted those 9 credits... just +8 for now...

I love Slc's (Yes I'm crazy I know...) my MSN is actually suspendedloopingcoaster@hotmail.com ... (but I wanted to create suspendedswiggingcoaster@hotmail.com , little mistake, big difference ! lol)


Superman and Mind Eraser...


Batman was a great little floorless coaster, really smooth but lacks intensity like SFMM's Scream !


Entertainers were good at keeping people out of already short lines ! (never waited more than 30min on those two days!).


Thunderbold was great ! Good little woodie...


Some aerial photos of the park..


Splash Boats have great scenery and we didn't got too wet !(second row).


Me with tweety and ... mmm I forgot his name !


Mike and I in our really first SROS ride !

We loved it so much ! and it shows on the picture....

The girls were a nice same-sex couple ! (notice the hands) !

This was the Gay Pride Car of the day ! lol


Mike and I really enjoyed SFNE ! It's a nice little park in a really nice setting by the river...


We did not experienced breakdowns (Catapult wasn't working but it will be something new for the next visit !).

Six Flags has really improved, Every employee was great with us ! I hope this will last...


N.B. This is my first TR in english... be torelant of my bad english ! Thanks you !

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No I didn't see you but I saw your friend with the black TPR t-shirt(he was going to Catapult I was leaving Cyclone... (i had my TPR under my jacket). I would have said Hi but I'm too shy and not confident enough with my english !


The next day I saw a guy with an Xcelerator t-shirt, he was talking about the UK coasters trip of TPR...

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No I didn't see you but I saw your friend with the black TPR t-shirt(he was going to Catapult I was leaving Cyclone... (i had my TPR under my jacket). I would have said Hi but I'm too shy and not confident enough with my english !


The next day I saw a guy with an Xcelerator t-shirt, he was talking about the UK coasters trip of TPR...


Around what time was he going to catapult and you were leaving Cyclone?

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Very nice PTR Skyscraper. I saw you at SFMM a few months ago but was too shy to say anything. Oh Well.


Hmm I thought Six Flags got rid of Mr. Six? (last pic)


Partially. SFNE hasn't has time to remove the themeing completely from Pandemonium. They took off the rotating Mr. Six's on top of some supports, but next year the "Mr. Six's" wording and the last Mr Six cut out by the ride sign will be gone.

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Saw this coming with Catapult...


Maybe there's a slight chance I can get on it Wednesday, Glad you guys had fun. You really don't appreciate the great theming thi spark has until someone reminds you in a photo TR. Compared to most other SF parks, SFNE is beautiful.

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