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Bobbejaanland's "Revolution"...

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I recently found something quite rare. An onride video of Bobbejaanland's bizarre indoor coaster, Revolution, which was the inspiration for Chaos at the former Opryland park, as some may remember. you can find it on this page:




Anyway, as the ride was going along, this classical music suddenly started playing in the background...and I swear I've heard that composition someplace before.


Is there anyone here who can tell me the name of this piece, and possibly its composer?

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I'm not 100% sure, but i believe this is a part of the following piece:



Capriccio Italien


Way before that they also used this one :


Hoenig, Michael

Bones On The Beach


But that's for sure not the one you are looking for !

There might be other numbers that they used in the past also ...

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it's called Bones on the Beach

If you PM me i'll give you my SN on AIM and i can send it to you as an MP3.

Because you made me doubt i looked it up and found this:


This is an onride of the revolution with the new digital movie (made looking like the original classic movie of 1989). This movie clearly states to be using Capriccio Italien ! (at least it's clear when you understand the dutch words ) This movie has been made by people who have been working on the revolution in the last few years. So i guess they now what they are talking about and wouldn't make the mistake of naming the wrong music piece ... plus i also found confirmation on the website that hosted this movie.

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Wow, that really brought back memories of Chaos at Opryland. It's such a unique and interesting ride. I forgot how incredibly long the trains were.


After watching the second video, I noticed the clock movies on the top. Didn't Chaos have a clock theme at the beginning? Was this the same movie? When I rode it, the theme had changed to the nuclear reactor stuff.

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There used to be an entire website dedicated to Chaos called access2control.com, that had all kinds of information. Unfortunately the site went down a long time ago, with a promise of a return that never happened.


I already knew the piece wasn't Michael Hoenig's "Bone's on The beach" because that's the music they used for Chaos rather than Revolution. And indeed, it did start off with the theme of a clock, as well as many other impressive effects, including a bullseye made of lasers at the end...


But, this became a little too expensive and time-consuming to maintain, mainly because so many considerate American riders were bringing cups onto the ride with them and dropping them on the screen below. So, it was decided to change the coaster into the whole reactor theme.

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Oh wow! Thanks for that link.


I never dreamed that there was a site like this dedicated to the Revolution. Any website I can find on a unique indoor coaster is a treasure to me. and the videos are great.


I can't really find much on Chaos though, except for an Opryland site that seems to be down right now.

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to find something of the lost access2control.com you might try and visit the wayback machine ...




(copy paste the link, cause the forum software breaks it up !)


It loads really slow but it's very handy if you need to find lost information !

(altough some information is lost forever, cause not everything is archived !)

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Well, thanks to that great link VsEuro put up, I'm now wondering about another piece of music...


Near the end of that high-res video ( http://www.bobbejaan-online.be/v03/media/revo_premiere/revo_high_cap.wmv ), after the ride ends, you hear a neat little tecnho version of a piece of music I've heard many times before, one that's used a lot at weddings I think. What's it called exactly?


Update: Never mind, I found it...it's "Canon in D" apparently

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First of all, I am a huge fan of Chaos. This was the best ride that ever existed at Opryland. I am from Music City(home of Opryland) and I used to ride Chaos all the time. In response to MovieGuy, nobody can ride Chaos anymore. Infact, Chaos is no more. The theme park Opryland USA no longer exists. This would explain why no websites work for Opryland. Opryland has been closed since 1997! Gaylord Entertainment (who own Opryland) stupidly closed down Opryland saying "it was losing money". This is total b.s. and everybody knows it.


I noticed that somebody has an mp3 copy of Bones on the beach. Could somebody please send it to my e-mail at mt51@evansville.edu. Thanks.

Also, does anybody know of the piece of music they used before shutting down Chaos? It kinda sounded like rock. This music was played when they had the shattered glass, flames, etc. Please let me know if you know what it is.



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Hmmm...I looked at all the videos, and it appears Revolution DID in fact use Bones on The Beach as music at one time. Interesting.

Yes. In its opening year it used Bones on The Beach. In the second year they changed it to Capricio Italien but a few years ago the second projector broke down (the first one's gone for years) so they started experimenting with laser effects and music and now they ended up with Bones on The Beach again.

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Well, many of you have probably already been on my site www.revocoasters.com

Sadly enough i have not been able to put a lot of time into my site to bring a major update.

There is enough info to keep you guys reading for several evenings, just have to find the time to work it all out.


In 1989, when the ride opened, the ride was delivered with a double screen movie in the nucleus, a soundtrack that came delivered with the movie, 4 projections in the side area, fire, breaking glass, time portals and several small gears.

The several small gears movie was changed with a fire projection in the second season, i do not know why, so you don't have to ask me.

The soundtrack was a mix of a lot of things, it did not even have a name.

I have found the soundtrack, but it is in a terrible shape and i have plans to restore it, but just like my site, where is the time.

The 1989 soundtrack has nothing to do with bones on the beach, so hereby i hope to clear up that mistake.

I have video footage from 1996, where it is still playing the old 1989 track and with double screens. one on the bottom and one against the roof of the nucleus.

This footage was used for a videotape that was sold in 1997 in the park.

Some of the side projectors had then already been shutdown and replaced by light effects.

I did get a glance of the breaking glass film on this footage.

I have conflicting info on when the soundtrack was changed with capricio italien.

This soundtrack had to replace the 1989 track which was on magnetic tapes which lasted only several years, just like the side films.

The bottom screen was also removed due to problems with the top projector and as far as i understand they then replaced the soundtrack with capricio.

But that played till 2004, where i took it out of the ride and did several audio tests, there were like 4 new tracks i made to test in the revolution.

Bones on the beach was one of the best fitting ones, and it also lets the spirit of chaos live on.

We had done tests with lasers, full colour 360 degrees projection lasers. smoke machines so powerful they would produce so much some that the ride and the station would become so misty you couldn't see anything anymore and smoke would come through the roof and it would seem like the ride would be on fire.

But we only tested that smoke machine a little because it was so powerful and did not want anything to go wrong.

I can assure you, it gave some nice blasting effects, from the crater in the bottom it blasted a stream of smoke up to the roof. (roady extreme from But there was a choice that had to be made.

So there was a demonstration day with a digital projector good enough for this ride and the 360 degrees full colour projection laser.

The power of the projection with the digital projector was overwhelming.

The laser was just not having that touch that it needed.

So the choice was easily made and we placed an order for a projector.

We tried to get budget for two and a new bottom screen, but we had to settle with one projector.

In that mean time i disassembled the 35 and 70 mm projectors and the remaining equipment, it took me several weeks to clear it all out.

You don't want to know how many times i have been up and down the track to bring parts of the old projectors downstairs.

During february 2005 i went to england with the two unused reels of the top and bottom projection.

There they were scanned and stored each frame onto hard drives in 2K scanning resolution.

I can assure you, that is a lot of detail when you zoom into a single frame.

When i came back to holland it took me two weeks to refurbisch one of the reels digitally.

We then had a day organised where the public was able to choose the soundtrack that would from that moment on be used.

So first we played capricio and people were very enthusiastic to see everything working inside the ride.

The second ride was with a newer version i made form capricio, but it was no good, just did not have enough time to work it all out to perfection.

Then the final ride started and people got to hear the latest version of bones on the beach with matching sound effects in the movie.

The people who were invited that afternoon then got the chance to vote for which track to play from that moment on, and the majority had chosen for bones on the beach.

So since 2005, chaos lives on in the revolution with bones on the beach.

The movies you can find on www.bobbejaanonline.be were filmed during that testing day where people got to chose the soundtrack.

If you look good enough, you can find a high res version of bones, if not, then email me and i can send it to you through msn messenger.

It is about 75 MB big, so i cannot just send it through the email.

Since that day, there have been several discussions on several forums which soundtrack was best for the revolution.

It is just a matter of taste, just think of it like disney in france changing the space mountain ride into space mountain mission 2.

Some like the new ride and some want the old ride back, it is a thing you will always have, whatever the changes are.

In the beginning when we installed the projector we had a dvd player as a video source, but when there was budget for a computer we installed one and the detail on the screen went up about 5 times.

People since then have seen more and more details then ever before.

Let's hope this ride will stay up and running for many many years.

We do not want to see the same thing happening like chaos.

Too bad that it could not be saved, sometimes i had been thinking about tracking chaos down and get it to a themepark in the netherlands, but that always remained a daydream.

Who knows what the future will bring, if i win the multi million lottery, then i will update the revolution with a bottom screen and make the side area back to it's original state and add many good things, and for the operators a nice big airco.....

I hope you all enjoyed it so far, you can always email me if you like to talk about chaos and the revolution, pm me and i will send you my email address or my msn address.


For those who want to ride it one more time, here is one of the better movies on youtube:

Enjoy the ride and keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times.

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