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Overrated coasters in your opinion

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In my opinion, this thread makes me feel like nobody on here likes coasters at all


On that note, I think Apollo's Chariot is very over-rated. Not that it's a bad ride by any means, I'm just surprised at how highly it's ranked in that little poll that comes out every year.

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For overrated...I'd definately jump on the bandwagon and say Medusa East and Nitro. Personally, I like BTDK up at SFNE a lot better than Medusa. The ride just lacks forces completely, except for maybe the zero-g roll. And I also saw a bit of roughness in the inversions, but it didn't add any sensation of speed.


And as for Nitro, I just don't think it belongs in the top 10. The airtime is weak unless you ride late in the day in the back row with a full train. The helix is decent but still not nearly as forcefull as other B&M's.



I love how everyone says Hulk is overrated. I'm honestly not disagreeing...but I've never seen it really hyped about unless I'm in Florida or looking at the Amusement Today poll. Before my first trip to IOA, I'd just seen a ton of people saying its overrated, so I expected nothing and was pleasantly surprised. I like the coaster a lot...but I'd agree that it isn't the most spectacular B&M coaster built.

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In my opinion, this thread makes me feel like nobody on here likes coasters at all


My thoughts exactly!


There isn't any coaster that are over rated in the uk, Nemesis is highly rated by like everyone on this planet, but theres a good reason for that!

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In my opinion, this thread makes me feel like nobody on here likes coasters at all

I don't think it's that, nor is it the fact that people don't like these particular coasters. It's just the opinions of where the coasters should rank. For instance, Nitro is a great ride but I just happen to feel like Raging Bull and Goliath at SFOG (new and yet to be ranked) should be ranked higher than Nitro because to me they are better rides. Doesn't mean I don't like Nitro.

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Overrated IMHO:


Nitro - its ok, but there are lots better.


SROS SFDL and SFA - nice drop and then its nothing more than a spin a puke.


Magnum XL200 - Should be renamed Magnum XL S&M - its painful. I wish they would get new trains and retrack the return so it isn't a thigh bruiser.


Most overrated wood: Kennywood Thunderbolt - enjoyable only if you like riding down a flight of stairs in a pedal car.

Most overrated steel: Kennywood Phantoms Revenge - nice drop, but after that it just finds it way back into the station.


Now a bunch of you have stated the CI Cyclone is overrated. I would ask 1 question, have you ever ridden in the next to the last seat? The most intense drop on any coaster I've ever ridden. The only coaster that yanks my stomach into my throat.

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I have to go with Montu. It's always high on polls, and I just don't see it. It's forceless, there are long stretches of track between inversions, and the batwing was bland. That's probably because the trim was on, but one ride was enough to tell me to get back on Kumba.

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I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who finds MF vastly overrated. The drop is great, but after that, it just meanders at a fast clip. I'll take most hypercoasters over MF anyday.


Ghostrider was just heinous when I rode it in January. I had so much hope for that ride, and it was brutal. There was some decent spots airtime, but nothing close to what I was expecting. A very disappointing ride. The sad thing was, I could see why people like it, but the train wasn't executing the course well, if that makes any sense.



Any stand-up other than Riddler's Revenge

California Screamin'-the definition of a "meh" ride

As was stated earlier, Lightning Racer is fun, but Wildcat is a far superior ride

Zeus- What an awful, awful ride. I needed a spine readjustment after one ride

The Beast- Obvious

Viper at Great America-Maybe I caught it on a bad day, but it wasn't as impressive as everyone says

Superman at SFMM-Great airtime, but nothing else to wink at

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The Beast - Used to be fun growing up, but hasn't been interesting in 15 years.


SOB - No comment needed!


Legend - I don't understand the appeal, it's fun, but not deserving of all the attention it gets.


Mean Streak - This is just a terrible coaster, and boring to boot.


Villain - Used to be fun, now it's just painful to me.




Italian Job: Stunt Track - Yeah it's a nice little family coaster, but for all the hype it's way overrated.


X-Flight - It looks impressive when you're driving to the park, but pretty lame when you're actually riding it.


Raptor - Good ride, just overrated.


Magnum XL200 - This coaster has been lesft in the dark ages technology-wise. To me, it can be fun if you're with the right people, but other than that...


Top Thrill Dragster - It's a kick in the butt thrill ride, but as a coaster, big time overrated.


Alpengeist - It's fun, don't get me wrong. But Apollo's Chariot is much better IMO.


Hypersonic - Glad I only waited 5 minutes, this ride just plain sucked!


Mantis - See Above. If this thing was a floorless I'd love it!


Vortex (PKI) - Everybody it seems in my life loves this coaster, but this thing is just bad.

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In my opinion, this thread makes me feel like nobody on here likes coasters at all

I don't think it's that, nor is it the fact that people don't like these particular coasters. It's just the opinions of where the coasters should rank.


No, I understand the point of the topic... I actually think it's great to hear everyone's opinion on the subject. It's just funny see "coaster enthusiasts" comparing thrill rides to the monotony of driving to work and saying how horrible and awful everything is.


One thing that really surprises me is all the negative comments about the Beast. I've only ridden it 4 or 5 times, but I think it's awesome, especially at night. I can see if someone has ridden the thing a hundred times, it wouldn't be as interesting. I guess I value rides on their uniqueness a little more than most people.

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Beast used to be my favorite ride, then I worked there, and rode it more than 700 times in one season. By the end I didn't enjoy it anymore, but I wouldn't say it is a bad ride, especially at night. It just has no airtime and no big hills, but something about that helix makes me smile every time.

Just for the record, MF is still my number 1 coaster, Legend is my number 4 wood, TTD is number 3 steel, Raven is number 2 wood, Raging Bull is my number 5 steel. I think that shows enough that I don't agree with what many people are saying, but they aren't saying the rides aren't good, jus that their opinion doesn't live up to the hype they've heard. Oh yeah, Magnum is number 2 steel in my book!! I know, I know, cedar point rich top five, but it wasn't by choice, it just happens that I love their steel coasters!


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Magnum XL-200. Yawn.


I've gotta second the motion on this! Make that double yawn. I just don't understand the interest in this coaster. Sure, historical significance is one thing, but that's definitely not enough to give it the annual praise it continues to receive, IMHO.


Scott "is every ACEr required to vote for this thing each year?" B.

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Wow..good topic...


I have to start out by saying I LOVED both Millennium Force AND Magnum XL200....That has nothing to do with anything, just figured I'd say.


Anyways, on to business, Viper at SFGAm is horrible to me. I've heard a lot of people say that it's vastly underrated but...I've ridden it probably 10 times and had an absolutely horrible, airtimeless rides...and thats in a variety of different seats.


Some others: Raging Bull, Chang, any of the S:UF...I'm sure there are a few others but, eh..no biggie.

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