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Is anybodys home park their favorite?

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For me, it depends on the definition of a "home park.' (Where you were born vs. where you currently live)


I was born closest to SFMM, so if you consider that my home park, then it is one of my favorites.

However, my home park closest to where I currently live is SFDK, which is not my favorite.

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Darien Lake: I'm glad to see they finally got a new coaster a few years ago, but this park is still pretty far down my list. It doesn't really have the charm that a lot of the parks I visit in PA have, and it still doesn't have any major league coasters outside of Ride of Steel. Plus, I still think they need to give the Predator some topper track to make it actually worth my time.

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if your home park is a Six Flags or Cedar Fair park, you pretty much come to hate your home park. SFDK is my home park, and I really don't care much this park. However, I would probably like it if it were not my home park. Even though it ranks pretty low for me, I still enjoy a day there, as coasters are a bit scarce in this part of the country. Although, I do not believe anything majorly bad or wrong with the park, except for the staff. The staff are often times not very helpful, and dispatch times are generally very slow.


However, I was born fairly in between SFMM and !


I usually visit one of these places when I visit my relatives. is already perfect, and the other park seems to be getting better with every visit.

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Home Park: SFMM

Favorite Park: CP

Cedar Point is my favorite park because of it's location and AMAZING coasters (even though I only visit for 3 days & 2 nights every summer) it's one of the most magical parks I've been too. SFMM is my second favorite park since I practically grew up there and spent almost every summer week there with my friends, also it's coasters are worth the wait even for their slow loading process on their rides/coasters

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Quassy, unfortunately. You can only go on the Wooden Warrior so many times. However, it's been nice seeing the park progress through the years. I remember when Saturation Station only had the main play structure. I recall riding the Mad Mouse on my mom's lap as my first big coaster. Then in later years going there on school trips and birthday parties we would all ride the swings and try and make a chain by grabbing on to the seat in front of us

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Home parks: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, SeaWorld Orlando, Islands of Adventure, Universal Studios.

Favorite parks: Tokyo DisneySea, Epcot


So I guess, yes... one of my local parks IS my favorite!

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