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Is anybodys home park their favorite?

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Just curious to see if any of you think that your Home park is the best.


It is weird to me cause I love PKD and I grew up there but it is not really even close to the top of my list of Favorite parks. (But I know some people think it is the best) I think it is just hard to think a place is superior when you go there so much more than the others. Of course if the only park you have ever been to is your home park it is gonna be your favorite...but that is common sense.

What do you guys think?



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Mine is Magic Springs, but although it is not my favorite (that would be Disneyland!), I like the fact that it is obscure/small, yet a growing park. They even carried out one of my suggestions (I sent them the idea to extend the season with a Halloween event, and lo and behold, they made one for the 2005 season. They even sent me an email thanking me for the idea!)

So I love my homepary very much, but it's not my *favorite.*

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My "home park" situation is rather ambiguous. I have home park identity crisis.


Martin's Fantasy Island: I live half a mile away. I used to work there. So no.

Marineland: I've only been there twice.

Six Flags Darien Lake: 45 mins away, I don't particularly like it.


Paramount Canada's Wonderland is about an hour and a half away from me. I consider it my home park because I've been there so many times, and it's the park I look forward to going to the most. And, in fact, it IS my favorite park. I like it better than Cedar Point (GASP!!).


I <3 PCW!

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Yes! My homepark square includes SFGAd, Dorney, Hersheypark, and Knoebels. Knoebels is definitely among my favorite parks. The others are fun and are far from the worst parks on the planet, but I'd say they're somewhere in the middle between great and crap.

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Yes. SFDL is probably my favorite, or at least tied with SFGAm. It's just such a nice little park with a great signature coaster, and several other decent rides. SFA would have been better if it wasn't run so horribly.

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When I lived in Orlando, I considered Epcot to be my home park and it's my favorite park anywhere. In Nashville, I consider SFKK and SFoG to be co-home parks. SFKK isn't near the top, but SFoG is pretty high...not at the top, but I'm glad I'm closer to it than most parks I've been to.



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My home park is SFNE, and I'll definitely put it in my top three, alongside Hersheypark and Cedar Point, but as far as whether my home park is specifically my favorite, I'd say "no." I'm going with HP on that one. CP and SFNE are pretty evenly tied at #2 in my book.

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