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I LOVE the Cheetah. Especially the front seat, because its the only smooth spot on the ride. Everyone usually hates this ride, but I could ride it forever! I love the small hill right after the first drop. It provides great airtime, and you fly through it. All of the ride is fast pase and intense. I don't see why its not one of the top wooden coasters!


My one ture Love.

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^Re-read the title of the thread CAREFULLY.

Haha, sorry about that one, i realised what I had done straight after posting, but unfortunatley i couldn't edit in something else. Gah, the idea is NOT to do something stupid when you are new here...


But anyway, Ill say Cyclone at DW, its consistently bagged out (By me included), and while it does look scrappy and is run scrappily the actual ride itself isnt too bad, it didn't headbang and wall an OK sort or ride all around.

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I LOVED Gwazi - at the end of the day at BGA, I kept doing repeat rides. Sure, it's EXTREMELY head-rattling, but it's a really fun ride!


I WISH I could ride Flashback at SFMM. It looks like a really fun one. Too bad I never went to Cali before it went into a coma.

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Arrow Shuttle Loops. I've been on two (Diamondback at Frontier City and Sidewinder at SFEG) and had a fun but rough experience. Going backwards -- OMG!


Cyclone at Wonderland Park (Amarillo, Texas). The turns were fast and you always felt that you were going to fly off because the wheels were in the back. GREAT headchoppers!


And last... the Dragon Coaster at All Star Adventures in Wichita, Kansas. I rode in the back seat and got AIRTIME!!! It wasn't a whole lot, but it was cool.

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I like spinning coasters waay too much, I just think that they are so much fun...even if they "suck"


Iron Wolf At Six Flags Great America, this was my first standup and I still like it even tho...a lot of peoople say its rough


Primeval Whirl was A ton of fun at WDW

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