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SNL burns the Disney Vault


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That was something I would expect off South Park, a perfect satire of Disney.


Anybody catch the "Disney's America" reference? And I kept laughing at all of the sequels... Lion King 5 2/3- Simba on The View... .



You can watch the clip HERE

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I thought it was really funny, even though Robert Smigel can't get through one episode without offending someone! SNL has slacked off the last couple of seasons, but I think that they may be getting to be funny again, especially with the addition of some new, funny people to the show. They are even going to have the Red Hot Chili Peppers on in a couple of weeks!! Go SNL, I'm ready for it to be funny again!

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It was funny, but I was pretty shocked to see it! Definitely couldn't have pulled that off if they were on ABC!!


I just recently saw another Robert Smigel cartoon (on a consumer advocate video) that aired only once about corporate ownership of TV networks including NBC. They removed it from reruns of that show.

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If only Lindsay Lohan was as hot as she used to be, instead of a twig I may have actually stayed up to watch the show. I'm sure it will be on the web soon for downloading.


Check Homer's post, he's got a link to the clip...

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Haha, "Uncle Mickey's Cabin," "Donald's Slave Auction." I still love Disney, though.


Oh, man... I'm debating whether to post that on WDWMAGIC, for fear of scarring everyone for life.


It would be like the Danish cartoon all over again. Except they'd burn SNL flags and...'Chevy Chase' Banks???

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