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South Park Vs. Family Guy

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In recent episodes of South Park, Family Guy was made fun of. Now I am officially pissed off at South Park. I usually don't get all mad about this stuff, but people being jealous of something so they make fun of it is one of my pet peaves. These episodes showed videos of terrorists with captions below them saying stuff like "Family Guy isn't even that funny" or "Most of their jokes derive from the plot". Well maybe they do sometimes, but it is funny! Then in a SECOND episode they made fun of how they made their jokes. (Which I have to admit was kinda funny). How they pick adjectives and put them together to make a joke. I hope Family Guy gets back at South Park.


Am I the only one who thought that the creators of South Park are just jealous?

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Yeah, I thought the episodes were pretty funny. Not as funny as they could be. But the ending scene crapping on everyone was awesome. And also starting out the part 2 episode with a Terrance & Phillip clip was great!



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Dude, South Park makes fun of everyone and everything. It's what they do. They made fun of the Simpsons before, so I don't see why they can't make fun of Family Guy. The episode wasn't all about saying Family Guy isn't funny, it was just Cartman and terrorists saying that, and we all know Cartman is the show's "villian". As for the rest of the townspoeple, well, we all know they're retarded.


Anyways, the writers have the right to state their opinions, so if they don't think Family Guy is funny the have the right to say so.

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TwistedTrack, in response to your question, I'd have to say yes.

I think the best part of both episodes is when Kyle gets dropped off in Hollywood, and the driver says something like, "I mean, I know it's just joke after joke but I like that. At least it doesn't get all preachy and up its own ass with messages." That proved to me that the South Park writers do NOT hate Family Guy. That was probably more of a dis to their own show than anything in the Family Guy Episode. Don't forget, all the insults to Family Guy came out of Cartman. When the writers want to really make a statement, they always use Stan or Kyle.


"Don't you know anything about manatees? They're the only mammals that aren't affected by terrorist threats."

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Trey and Matt are doing their job right! They pretty much created Southpark to offend as many people, cultures, religions and races as possible!!

So it seems like they offended you Twistedtrack. So seeing this result from you, my applaud goes out to them both for offending those that dont know how to take a joke watching Southpark!

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The show wasn't about Family Guy, it was about Comedy Central censoring their show by pulling the Virgin Mary ep among other things. Also, see this article.


South Park duo criticise network

The duo behind South Park have used the cartoon's latest episode to attack their network for banning them from using an image of the Prophet Muhammad.


Comedy Central prevented Matt Stone and Trey Parker from using the image after the furore caused by a Danish newspaper publishing caricatures of Muhammad.


Instead, Wednesday's episode showed an image of Jesus Christ defecating on President George Bush and the US flag.


Comedy Central said in a statement that it stood by its decision.


"In light of recent world events, we feel we made the right decision," it said.


Scientology protest


The episode was built around the incident, and features the character Kyle trying to persuade an executive at rival network Fox to air an episode of cartoon Family Guy which features an image of Muhammad.


"Either it's all okay, or none of it is," Kyle tells the executive. "Do the right thing."


The executive decides to show the image, but a caption is displayed reading: "Comedy Central have refused to broadcast an image of Muhammad on their network."


It is followed by the images of Christ, President Bush and the flag.


Comedy Central recently cancelled a repeat airing of an episode which mocked Scientology. Singer Isaac Hayes - a Scientologist - quit his role as the Chef character in protest over the episode.


But last month South Park depicted Chef being killed and mourned as somebody whose brains were scrambled by the "Super Adventure Club", which turns its members into paedophiles.


Last week, South Park won US broadcasting's prestigious Peabody prize.


Awards director Horace Newcomb said that by setting out to be offensive, the show "reminds us of the need for being tolerant".




Besides they made fun of themselves just as much as they did on Family Guys writing. And you can't deny some of those FG clips they made wouldn't be right at home in the actual show..."Peter being ridden by Knight Rider" Im looking at you.

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^Thank you!


That saves me from having to post a big long explanation!


Basically, it's almost a compliment to Family Guy. They were using family guy as if it was South Park, and Fox was Comedy Central. Get it?

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"Am I the only one who thought that the creators of South Park are just jealous?"


Yes, as stated above, South Park makes fun of almost anything and everything. Matt and Trey have said many times that whenever a fan says that their show and Family Guy were the best shows on TV, they usually feel like they were kicked in the nuts. Certainly, I agree with their view of Family Guy, but I still watch the show because nothing is on during Sunday nights, really. And I hate Family Guy when they drag their jokes on for too long, especially in most of the new episodes.


South Park did a good satire of everything in the 2 part episode. Family Guy, Muslim extremists and Mohammad, Censorship, and Terrorism. The retaliation was pure genius right there... that and I giggle every time I hear "Mr. T... Teeeeaa..."

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"Mmmmmmm...yummy yummy crap!"


I laughed so hard at that ending, and the rest of the episode was gold.


I think the guys at Family Guy have always acknowledged the stupidity and randomness of their humor, and they wear that as a badge of honor. Sure, they throw in a lot of random pop-culture stuff, but that's what a lot of people like, and they're good at getting you to laugh at it.


I really do think that this storyline was more about Matt and Trey responding to censorship in general rather than bashing Family Guy.

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Do you guys see the irony? They make an episode about making fun of religions... right after Chef left for the making fun of Scientology. I agree with everyone. Matt and Trey are just poking fun at everything they havent poked fun at yet. I doubt that they'd be jealous at anything... seeing as how they're the most popular show on Comedy Central. You gotta admit though... none of Family Guy's jokes are anywhere related to the plot. And the whole thing about the idea balls was pretty funny.


haha. I said balls. (a Family Guy joke )

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Well, in my own opinion, the episode wasn't so much about JUST a dislike of "Family Guy", or censorship, or religious extremists, but ALL of those things - Trey and Matt generally like to try to incorporate several ideas into their real "high concept" scripts, such as making "Team America" both a political-commentary AND a send-up of big-budget action movies.


I can see where people would view Trey and Matt annointing Cartman the official "Anti-FG" character as indicating that they don't agree with what the character is saying, but I see it quite the opposite way: yes, Cartman is often the "villain" of SP, but he's also generally written to be the SMARTEST person on the show, as he's usually the one who says "X is true" or "so-and-so will happen", and is usually proven right at the end of the episode, such as when he predicted the chaos that a hippie-gathering would cause. Same here: him saying that FG is poorly written, and then finding out that the show is written by a group of manatees putting random words together only vindicates his assessment. My view of Kyle and others liking FG was just their way of saying "yes, people like it, but that doesn't negate the points we are making about how jokes are derived". I saw it as Cartman being Trey and Matt's dislike of the show, but Kyle being their understanding that just because Trey and Matt don't like it, that doesn't mean others have to agree. It was basically saying "Yeah, it's popular, but we ourselves don't like it."


The dig about how some shows get so preachy that they aren't funny was clearly a jab at themselves, however, and clearly shows that they are not above self-criticism; they realize they've gotten very heavy-handed in their messages (and I don't think there's any disputing that), and that the ratio of "message" episodes to "basic conflict" episodes is becoming more and more unbalanced with each season.


As for everything else: yes, the plot itself was derived from a combination of real-world events surrounding the comic featuring Muhammad, as well as a jab at Comedy Central for pulling the "Virgin Mary" episode, but the reason FG was used as the big metaphor for themselves, instead of using "Terrence + Phillip" or some other made-up show, was so that they could poke fun at it, too.

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