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I'm still working on this park, I just don't get many chances to do so:


Recently built/modified rides/attractions:

Vekoma Death Box coaster

Quadloop (I will also build a Cooking With Joe restaurant nearby)

Bonus Helix - An SLC with an extra helix

Thrill Coaster - A ride inspired by HSTC at Knoebels (never been there, but I've heard about it)

Goshawk - A B&M floorless in Cedar Fair Land

Kitty Hawk - A Galaxi style coaster in Cedar Fair Land

Mission: SINISE - A spinning ride in the Rides-on-the-Moon themed area


The Quadloop coaster


A Deluge inspired slide, the "Wetness" ride and the Intamax strata-coaster


Vekoma Death Box coaster

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I have been slowly by steadily making some progress on this park. I've been having problems with the game randomly crashing for unknown reasons.


Latest additions:

Waterpark rides with Wedgie slides, twisty slide tower, "Corkscrew" slide, looping waterslide, and Lazy River. Some rides will be functional for peep use.

Fuji-Queue - An S&S Thrust Air coaster with a four car train and a long line

Yeti-Ball Coaster (though currently plagued by the Intamin Curse)

1:1 scale replica of the Disneyland castle

In the Seedy Fair section - More trashcans!


Attractions in development:

Morgan Alert! - A ride based on Steel Dragon 2000

TPR Clubhouse

Golden Arches - A Rocket coaster that combines some elements of an Intamin Rocket, a B&M looper, a Premier launched coaster, and an X-Car coaster. The ride is fully built, but I'm having trouble with getting it to work safely without crashing (the blocking system doesn't work due to the mechanism I have in place to handle rollbacks)

Dueling Balders - Still have a few glitches to work out with trains stopping on the block brakes, preventing proper dueling


Attractions planned:

Cooking with Joe restaurant

Another Boomerang...or two


And now, a few screenshots taken from around the park


The corkscrew slides


Twisty slide tower


The Wedgie Slides


One of the water slides


Golden Arches rocket coaster. You can see some of the track for "Morgan Alert!" under construction


The "Seedy Fair" themed section, showing some flat rides, two coasters, a Power Tower, and a whole lot of trashcans.


Jeff Johnson's Credit Land, showing the HSTC ride, a few kiddie coasters, a clone of Abandoned Mine at Uncle Bernies, "Through the trees" (a powered coaster), a ghost train, and Spanish Deja Vu with a station for the "Soarin' over Soren" skyride . More credits to come


Death Machine Valley, showing an Invertigo, two Deja Vus (one to serve as a backup when the other breaks down, though sometimes they're both down), a TOGO "Death Machine" stand-up, the Arrow Coathanger coaster, the RCCA "Jackhammer" woodie and part of the Vekoma Death Box coaster




Derek's Beer Barrel


The SLC with a Bonus Helix!


An Intamin launched inverted coaster in the Rides on the Moon themed section. Currently unnamed


The Looping Slide still needs some work


The Fuji Queue coaster. In the corner you can see the full scale Disneyland castle

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Man, that "looping water slide" brought me back. Action Park in northern NJ actually had something similar, though it was rarely open. The last time it operated was 1995 or 96, and it was torn down when Action Park's owners went out of business and the park was turned in to Mountain Creek.


A google search for Looping Water Slide will turn up some good stories.



I know that looks photoshopped, but believe me it is not. I never got to ride it (being 12 and under the weight limit when it last ran in 96/96), but I would always stare and wonder what it was like.

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Of all the rides in the park, the Vekoma Death Box is in fact the one with the highest death rate. The cars will sometimes stall and collide.


I had been having problems with the game crashing, so I reverted to an earlier saved game. Not much has been lost, and I was able to transplant a few rides and such from the buggy saved file to the most recent stable copy.


Over in the Wisconsin State Fair themed area, I have a "Kiddie Coaster of Death", based on the ride at Little Amerricka.


Based on feedback, I added a "Jet Coaster", which loosely translates to "big Japanese coaster that doesn't do very much"


I did another complete overhaul of the Golden Arches coaster. Instead of using a long straight launch, I used the inclined launch as it seemed to be more reliable and less prone to rollbacks. Should a rollback occur, I have a set of brakes that stop it and relaunch it along with a working blocking system


Over in Elissa's Midway is a Carrabba's restaurant, located near the Yeti Ball coaster and the giant Fascination machine (which doesn't serve much of a purpose at the moment, though the Intamax coaster dives through it)


The park's second restaurant, "Dining with Joe" is located between the Dueling Balders and the Quadloop coaster

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In addition to landscaping, I've added some more attractions to the waterpark. Two new attractions include a giant toilet bowl slide and a small family raft slide, both open for peep use


RCT2 doesn't include any proper waterpark attractions, but this is intended to be a giant Toilet Bowl slide


The family raft slide is one of a few new rides in the waterpark section

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