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Photo Trip Report PGA: Survivor The Ride Media Day

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I just got back from Survivor The Ride Media Day. I was able to get over there before work since the time was from 6am-12pm. I went there for just an hour or so. It was pretty good. I wish I could have stayed for the whole time. I rode Survivor twice, and then met up with Steve Wilson from Norcal ACE. Then I saw some people that I recognized talking in another group. Yep, it was Lex and Katie Gallagher from Survivor. I found out that I just missed Stephenie. She had to do a spot on the radio station and then come back to PGA. Oh well! I rode with Lex and Katie one more time and then left.


Anyway, the ride is really good aside from Nutcracker hill. Make sure your feet are planted on the ground and lift yourself up a little bit or you’ll be crushed! I have also heard that it smashes the women a little bit in the upper area.


Here are the pics.


after the ride


We are the only ones on the ride. It is Me, Lex, Katie and a guy that I didn't get the name of...


Here's the queue area where you stomp your feet.


Katie and Lex on their way to ride Survivor


Lex worked at PGA back in the day and really liked the characters. The other person is Dave Cobb from Viacom/CBS


He liked Spongebob Square Pants and even knew the episodes.


Another pic of us. He is really a great guy!


Lex and I


No one in the queue either


Yep, I am the only one on the ride


Up and over NUTCRACKER Hill


but it gets moving pretty good


and then I have to endure the long wait of the removal of the bridge.


My first ride, I look so excited...


Yay! Media Day

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The rides fun isnt it. I cant wait till tommorow to go to PGA again I cant wait to ride survivor again.


edit: what ever happened to the little hut that was supposed to be were the pole thing was near the exit of the ride.

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^^Good to see you too Ryan. It was fun and really exclusive. PM me with your email address and I can send you the pics.


Gyendolynne and I are planning on going to PGA Saturday. We're also thinking about SCBB or SFMW on Sunday. Haven't decided yet and we have the family dinner in the early evening.


^I enjoyed the ride too. I don't know about the hut, but I am sure if they're supposed to have it, it will be there.

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^I haven't heard anything more about the lawsuit, but I don't think that they would show up to a Survivor thing if it didn't get settled. I also thought it was from the lawyer in season one, but I am not too sure about that.


^^You know what's funny Wally is that there were only 4 of us walking up to the ride with 3-4 PGA workers. I know it looks like stalking, but it was just the fact that we were the only ones going on the ride at the time. I was also asked to take the picture of them in the photo part. Dave Cobb had me send him that picture. I am glad to see my stalking skills are okay though. It worked on you.



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OK.... now I am officially ticked off. Cincinnati is the BIGGEST market in the US for Survivor and PGA gets this ride and while we got a bright orange kiddieland???


How fun this looks (It looks an awful lot like our new "Avatar" coaster, so maybe we won't get a grown up version...grrr).


And isn't Katie a sweetheart? I didn't like her on the show, but I really enjoyed meeting her in person at a fundraiser last fall.


Shari "The Tribe has spoken, I want this ride at PKI" Shoufler

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Nice pictures. I don't know how I feel about the ride, but I do enjoy normal Disk-Os. I just do like idea of themeing a ride around Survivor. I'm a fan of the show though.


I don't remember Katie, what season was she from? And if Stephenie was there, why no photos. She's a cutie.

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You do not want this ride at PKI. Not that its a horrible ride, its just thats its ... well, on the bad side. Does anyone who has been on Survivor think its that great?


Isn't this exactly the same as the new 'Avatar' ride at PKI this year?


As far as I know zamperla only makes the one size. I'm pretty sure the two are going to be the same, just marketed differently. If anyone knows more please correct me.


Awesome pics Rick! That was so funny you rode by yourself...stalker!


I'll be there on wednesday to get my spin on. Holla at me if you get a lunch break.



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That is the exact same ride as far as track length and height. The ride vehicle is a box shape with lapbars, almost like an old fashioned pirate ship ride. Rows facing one another on a "Skateboard." But besides that a very similar concept.


Yesterday was great, I got a few rides by myself also. First chance to do that.


Don i'll holla at you tomorrow when I get a chance on the cellular about Wednesday. I'm set to be at the park around 2!


Rick you and Gwen are coming back tomorrow right? I'll be around all morning till around 5. So hit me up.


Ahh can't ever get enough of the pGA.


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Katie was from Survivor season 10. She was in the final 2 with Tom, the fireman from New York. I didn't get any photos of Stephenie because she was there before I showed up. She had to go to the local radio station for an interview and she got back after I left. Unfortunately I had to get back to work. I showed my boss the photos and he asked where are the ones with Stephenie. I told him why and asked maybe I should have called him and I could have stayed a little later.


^3 Don, We just got back from PGA. We saw Ryan and talked to him for a little bit. I might be able to see you on Wednesday. I will just have to look at when I will be on lunch.


This ride is fine to me. We rode it twice today. The park wasn't crowded at all because of the rain off and on. We also road Top Gun 3 times. Twice in the front seat!

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Well when I went two days ago I guess you can say I rode it 4 times (3 times it broke ) The track was two wet so it wouldnt go up the hill and just spun around in the station which I found hallarious. The ride is fun but it sucks that it dosnt work if the track is wet.

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