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Six Flags 2006 Poster Map Exchange

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^ Post a list. I would be interested.


Phantasialand (newest)

Europapark (Newest)

Tusenfryd (Newest)

Liseberg (Newest)

Moviepark Germany (older)

Phantasialand (older)

Europapark (older)

Toverland (Newest)

Toverland (older)

and a lot more.

I will edit this post when i get home tonight.

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Hmmm I have 3,000 park maps. ( all different years etc with mass doubles) I am interested in trading. What would you like?


(don't ask me to post a list too long)


I think we can handle that more by email

For now i will post my others over here so that others also can see if they wants some.

I'm going to Heidepark next week so put that one also on the list.

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So here comes the complete list:


Netherlands (Holland)

Toverland 2005 : 1

Walibi World : 5 (small map)



Centro Park 2005 : 1

Phantasialand 2005: 3

Panoramapark 2005 : 1

Europapark 2006 : 1

Europapark 2004 : 2

Tripsdrill 2004 : 2

Moviepark Germany 2005 : 2



Gardaland 2005 : 2

Movie studios 2005 : 1

Aqua paradise 2005 : 1

Mirabilandia 2005 : 1



Warner Bross madrid 2005 : 4

Parque de atracciones 2005 : 9

Parque de atracciones 2003 : 1



Parc Asterix 2004 : 1 (small)



Plopsaland 2006 : 1



Legoland Billund 2004 : 1



Flamingoland 2005 : 1



Tusenfryd 2006 : 6



Liseberg 2006 : 3 (small)

Liseberg 2006 : 1 (normal)


This list is a small piece of my collection what is a lot bigger but these are some that i have double.

You can use my email to swap one of these for a american / canadian / austrailian or other non europe park map.

I prefer maps from Cedar point, any six flags park and holidaypark but others should be welcome also exept florida maps.

anton@turbolaaf.nl for more information.

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Im bring this back from the dead for a few things...



I still have 3 Six Flags Elitch Gardens collectors maps left!!! And 6 Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom collectors maps left!!!


The Six Flags Elitch Gardens maps are from 2006. They include all of the current rides, including Chaos!


The Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom maps are from 2007. Everyone includes the now removed, Superman Tower of Power!


If you are interested, PM me and we will see about trading a few!

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