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Favourite small park

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^ It has a decent coaster collection (F**K LCSM, though), but it's so ghetto. When I was there, I literally couldn't figure out how to get into the place or where to buy tickets (I had come in from the VIP parking lot). Nobody seemed to care that I was walking around the park for an hour without a ticket.

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I've never been to Knoebels, but I would have to go for either Holiday World (if it counts as a small park) or Indiana Beach. I also liked Kiddieland (IL) when it was open, but I think that would be classified as a kiddie park :/

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I love the small parks we have down here, but my favorite has to go to Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. I'm bias to my Belmont Park, but SCBB is not only older, it's also bigger, has more rides, and really captures that boardwalk feel more than the other parks (for the most part). It's a total tourist trap, but I got my credits, so it was worth it! I haven't been back since Hurricane got swapped out for Undertow, so that definitely warrants a future visit!


Sorry, Belmont.

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