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Favourite small park

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No need to explain i guess?


Well, Phantasialand is small in terms of size but it operates and has rides like a big park, so I wouldn't class it as "small park".


For me, it would be Parque de Atracciones de Madrid (very complete but terrible operations) or Toverland (great rides, great staff but lacks atmosphere).

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Morey's Piers. There's honestly no atmosphere like this place especially at night. I think it's also the most underrated park in the industry that deserves more recognition from enthusiasts.


Was just coming in here to post Morey's ^^^ haha. I've spent almost every summer of my life in WW so Morey's Piers for sure. These are the coasters I've grown up with. I don't really consider it small as in my mind its always been the largest of all the amusement parks/areas in the Jersey shore towns (Seaside Heights, Ocean City, Steel Pier) but its no CP or 6Fs. The coasters only have waits during peak weekend nights after everyone has sat on the beach and then had dinner. WW gets crazy crowded on July/August weekends, a great time to ride is during a weekday afternoon when the folks that are in town are on the beach instead of the rides. Or early or late in the season of course. Get a wristband and re-ride all afternoon/evening.


If you haven't been and are in driving distance I highly recommend a trip at some point. Their SLC is smooth as can get thanks to the newer trains they installed a few yrs ago and has arguably one of the best views from a drop on any coaster anywhere. Their boomerang is a classic (my first ever looping/steel coaster and the first boomerang in the US), and their woodie (with me in my avatar <---) will beat you up a bit but its fun as hell - drops from the station right into an under-boardwalk tunnel before the lift, has a great big drop and the ride runs basically along the beach. There's also a few smaller coasters and shitload of flats of all varieties, two pretty rad waterparks, endless shopping/retail and awesome boardwalk food (get pizza from Macks, not that other guy, get fries from Paul's, not Curly's) and I rarely feel I complain about operations or the pleasantness of employees, etc. It's a great place and seems very underrated around these parts.

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I think honestly, my "Favourite Small Park" has to be

Enchanted Village, south of Portland, Oregon.


I mean, it has stuff that is enchanting, and a couple

of thrill rides, a trackless dark ride, and lots and lots

of landscaping around it all. I always enjoy it there.


My home park is just on one big asphalt rectangle. ICK.

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If it counts, how can I not go with holidayworld. Three world class wood coasters(including my #1 the voyage) a world class water park, free soda, free parking and the nicest employees anywhere. Going to be checking out knoebl's for the first time in a few weeks and I am sure I am going to love that too.

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My top 5 smaller parks are:


1. Knoebels Amusement Park & Resort

2. Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park

3. Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

4. Waldameer

5. Lake Compounce (or Six Flags Discovery Kingdom if you want to count it...it's small for Six Flags)


All of these parks are great. Knoebels in particular is an outstanding park, and I would rather visit any of these five than some of the major parks out there. In addition to the above, Lagoon, Gilroy Gardens Family Theme Park, and Canobie Lake Park are the other small parks I've visited that stood out to me.

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I'd say Waldameer, as I've always loved the park, but this summer I had a TERRIBLE time there. Well, most of the day was good fun, but a couple things happened that ruined the day. Will be posting a trip report soon. Two words: sketchy maintenance. Long story short, I will NEVER ride their spinner again.

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