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Favourite small park

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It depends on what you define as a small park. From the one's I've visited: Waldameer and Lake Compounce were great. Though Martin's Fantasy Land deserves a mention as well just for Silver Comet. Lake winnie was kind of cool as well.


I rate Knoebels highly but that is a big park to me, though not humungous, it's quite possibly bigger than any park in Australia.

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^ I agree that the definition of a "small park" can be debated. Out of parks I've visited that I consider to be small, my favorites would be:


1. Holiday World (although it continues to grow, for now I still think of it as a small park)

2. Knoebels

3. Waldameer

4. Michigan's Adventure


I need to get to some more smaller parks, as I love the atmosphere they provide! One place that's pretty high on my list to get to is Lake Compounce.

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I haven't been to many small parks but my favorite one is Tibidabo in Barcelona, Spain. Its mountain top location overlooking the city is what makes my fav smal park. The journey to Tibidabo is half the fun as you take a metro or FGC train line to the base of a funicular train and take that to another even steeper funicular to the top where Tibidabo is. There is a historic church right outside Tibidabo (a culture credit) and Tibidabo has funky and homemade rides you won't find anywhere else and the best traditional swings ride and bumper cars I've been on. Their Hotel 666 haunted house walkthrough is also excellent as they scare you in ways that could get them sued in the US. Although most of their rides aren't too thrilling, the mountain top location makes them a lot more thrilling.


My runner up for favorite small park is Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. It has a nice beach setting (though very mild, often cold weather), a great classic wooden coaster (the oldest one in CA - 1924), and is the closest park to where I live (2.5 hr drive).

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Mine is Martin's Fantasy Island (Grand Island, NY), it may not be like Darien Lake, but There's only ride that's worth riding at MFI and that's Silver Comet!


Other than Silver Comet, Mega Disk'O, and Mind Warp all the other rides are just lame, even Crazy Mouse and Full Tilt are lame, and the Devil's Hole is nothing but a recolored/themed verison of Starship 2000, and also they've put NOTHING in where Starship 2000 stood!


Anyways it's still my favorite small park.

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I like Santa Cruz. (I prefer Great America, though it's not a small park). The problem about Santa Cruz is that they "ruin" the rides with one rule, such as you can't rock the cars back and forth on Rock and Roll. You can't raise your hands up and HAVE to put your hands on the lap bar on Sea Swings. I listen to park rules, and it makes the rides very boring.

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So when I went to Lake Compounce, I thought I was just going for Boulder Dash. But it turns out, it's an adorable, nicely landscaped, reasonably priced, EXTREMELY well operated little family park in a beautiful setting. After I peeled myself away from what has become my #1 coaster (even above El Toro), I found the amazing Sky Ride, awesome water rides that get you soaked, a great flats selection, including an S&S Screamin' Swing, a good S&S Turbo Drop with clever theming, awesome employees, as well as fried bats and potato patch fries. I would say it was would be well worth the $17.95 I paid to get in, even if there was no Boulder Dash. But there IS Boulder Dash. So this is definitely the best small park I've been to by a mile.


I still need to make it out to Holiday World though. That might change my mind.

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