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Favourite small park

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Umm, well I dunno if you can really consider it small, but Kennywood is smaller than a lot of parks that I have been to, and I absolutely loved it. Holiday World was fantastic as well, and is definitely a park I want to go back to.


Waldameer was okay but it really wasn't anything fantastic, besides Ravine Flyer II and XScream of course <3

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I'd have to say Lakemont. Yeah Waldameer is great, but Lakemont Park in Altoona PA, has the Skyliner which is a nice coaster, and not to mention the worlds oldest coaster. The park also has a Toboggan which I think is really fun, a cool antique car ride, plus a ride called the Twister which is fun. I say Lakemont because it is only about 10 dollars to get in with the water park and the ride lines are empty. You can ride the rides without getting off.

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Wild Waves is the smallest park I've been to. However, it is a nice place to go to if you just want to spend the day on a few rides or swimming or sitting near the wavepool. There are a lot of rides (even a nice sized skycoaster) for the size of the park, but it is managed pretty well.


Overall, my small park vote goes to Wild Waves.

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^Not bigger than me! I've been on the holy Grail of Screamin' Swings: Skyhawk. Jealous? Oh wait, I'm a Space Shot/Turbo Drop fanboy. Nevermind.


Now that I think of it, I might as well say Silverwood is my best small park. Why? It's small, but it kicks serious a** over Wild Waves. With a smoother-than-average GIB, a coaster with centuries of airtime , the first coaser with inversions, a 140 drop tower, a soaking rapids ride, and a waterpark that's also way better than Wild Waves, you can see why.

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