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Favourite small park

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Small parks can be found just about anywhere in PA. Idlewild, Lakemont, DelGrosso's are 3 of my favorites. Each one is unique in it;s own way. Really seem to enjoy these days more than I do at the bigger overpriced/overcrowded parks. I like the uncomfortable feel of the old time classic spin and pukes that make noise when they run!! It adds to the thrill! And all 3 parks have pretty decent coasters as well.

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Canobie Lake or Lake Compounce... Can't decide which one!


OK, So, Canobie has:


Starblaster -

Corkscrew -

Cannonball -


Lake Compounce has:


Downtime - - HIGHER, FASTER

Zoomerang -

Wildcat -

Boulder Dash -


The winner is Lake Compounce! I know both parks have more rides, but these are the main ones.

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I always liked Wonderland pier on the Ocean city boardwalk mostly because I use to go there every year with my family since before I could walk. The carousel they have there is still my favorite. I would never want to leave to go home without riding it atleast once. I'm still like that now everytime I make a trip to the shore.

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Knoebels, hands down. The park as a whole has taught me that small parks can be infinately better than the big corperate chains. I mean, Phoenix had all the airtime I could ever want, Twister was a fun forceful ride, Cosmotron showed how a little theming goes a long way, and their collection of flats had a little bit of everything. Not to mention how cheap their food was, and Fascination. I think Knoebels is one of my favorite parks right now, big or small.

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Aah, small parks... Great places indeed!


I have to say Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, because it's got the classic Giant Dipper, and that's already enough to make it awesome.


And Funderland. It's this little children's park in Sacramento, it was my first amusement park... Ah, memories...

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I'm gonna have to say Tweetsie Railroad in Blowing Rock, NC. This park doesn't have many rides but it has great theming and some great fair rides. It also has some great shows for the whole family. It's a really fun park and it's in the mountains so it has a cool chair lift.

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1. Lakeside - it has some great classic rides, an excellent wooden coaster (probably places in my top 5), a great wild mouse (lots of airtime, and sitting low in the cars going around the turns was kind of scary), and beautiful lighting at night.


2. Timber Falls - Hellcat/Avalanche, need I say more?


3. Kiddieland - another old park with some fun rides. Some of the larger rides have cycles that seem pretty intense for a park called Kiddieland.

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I'm going to have to go with my home park, Knoebels. It just has that great mix of roller coasters and flat rides.


Lake Compounce is also a great park. However, that park is made by Boulder Dash. Without it, it would be a nice family park. With it makes it a destination every roller coaster enthusiast needs to visit.

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1. Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk-This park is a classic seaside park, the only one left on the west coast. Giant Dipper is a great ride, and there are a good number of other rides that are good.


2. Castle Amusement Park-No crowds and several decent rides. Only thing missing is a major roller coaster.


3. Gilroy Gardens Family Theme Park-Beautiful landscaping, okay rides.

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For the rides:

Silverwood: Three excellent coasters, two of which are wooden! Plus a drop tower and another coaster!

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk: Features my other favorite wooden coaster (see above for the other two). Hurricane is also pretty fun. Plus, my favorite Rock-o-Plane ever, a surprisingly fun kids' coaster, and approximately my favorite KMG Afterburner/similar ever! Oh, yeah, and the best carousel I've ever been on in my life, by far!


For the atmosphere:

Fun Forest: No comment. Well, other than that Windstorm is really fun! I will always have a special affection for this park. Why? I'm not quite sure, other than that it's in the middle of Seattle!

Enchanted Forest: Although I'm totally impressed by Ice Mountain Bobsled, it's the walk-through attractions, etc., that really "make" this park. That, and Challenge of Mondor! Who doesn't love a shooting dark ride?

Gilroy Gardens: Simply beautiful. Not a thrill park except for the lovely Banana Boat. Although, Timber Twister has one surprisingly good drop, and Quicksilver Express has the most effective headchoppers I've ever seen on a smaller/non-world-class coaster.


Honorable mention: I'm not "wowed" by Oaks Park, but it's a decent traditional park in a nice setting. Also, it has 3 of my favorite flats done well (Afterburner, Rock-o-Plane, Spider), and the coasters aren't as bad as most people seem to think. They're both pretty fun!

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