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Favourite small park

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I always enjoy the Enchanted Forest park in oregon whenever i visit


This is one of my fave small parks, too. Always enjoyed our year to year visits, especially when they've

kept it so clean and landscaped, there. And their Haunted House is really one of the best ones I have

been through, world-wide.





(EDIT: I'm repeating myself, from Page 20, but that's okay. It's worth repeating.)

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Actually, there's a second small park I just loved on my first and only visit there. And now it's closed up and no longer open.


Kurashiki Tivoli Park

Kurashiki, Okayama, Japan


First, I found out that this was the first park licensed under the Tivoli name (Copenhagen). Second, when we

were there on the TPR 2007 Tour, we didn't have a lot of time to spend there. But the time spent was really

nice, with lots of exceptional landscaping around, a few unique rides....


.... and ~ Most Importantly ~ Kristen's Very First Roller Coaster ~ Tivoli Railroad!


Me in my flying flan at Kurashiki Tivoli park. TPR 2007 Japan Tour


The main landscaped area in the park. I loved it! And that building in back IS(was) part of the park, too!

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^ Nobody seemed to care that I was walking around the park for an hour without a ticket.


I arrived five minutes before closing, got a season pass in four minutes and rode Cornball Express one minute before they closed.

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^ Rage was great!


And I enjoyed the park too, as quirky as it felt to me.

Would love to come back for a visit, sometime soon.


(TPR UK Tour, 2010)


Me on that bizarre Sky Drop in Adventure Island. June 2006. I went to the park, before the 1st public TPR Tour,

which didn't include it, on that tour. It did get visited, later on, in the 2010 UK Tour.

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Some may not consider it a "small park" but to me Silver Dollar City is still a "small park" (though if it keeps growing the way it is it wont be small for much longer)


That being said... SDC is by far my favorite small park. The level of theming and detail on EVERYTHING is seriously amazing. They give Disney a run for their money!

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The smallest parks I've been to are Holiday World and Kentucky Kingdom. These are probably closer to mid level parks, but Kentucky Kingdom has my vote so far. Beer Man probably factors into this equation, but even if he did not, I would still pick Kentucky Kingdom.

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Honestly, this feels like a no-brainer. I mean, Playland(PNE) doesn't look that great, with less trees and more asphalt than I'd like to admit.

But it is still a small park, in comparison to even "medium sized" parks. And there's a lot of good stuff in it, too.


(And north of the park, is an awesome view of the mountains that backdrop the city!)


The perimeter of it, really hasn't changed in quite a few decades, really. This is the 2016 flyer/map of it.

Playland(PNE), Vancouver ~ My "Fave Small Park." (o;

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I consider this to be kind of on the medium size (even if it only has two major coasters), but my favorite "small" park is Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. I can't think of any other smaller parks that I've really liked.

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