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Favourite small park

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So out of the smaller parks you've been to, which would be your favourite?


There's a park over here called Dreamworld, which isn't very big but it's still fun. They have an Intamin Reverse Freefall, a 120 metre freefall, an Arrow custom style coaster, a Gyro Swin, a Waikiki Wave Super Flip, a little mine ride and a couple of water rides.


We also have a Movieworld and a Seaworld.

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Never been to many small parks, I usually go to fairs or big parks on my trips. Bes one I've been to is Arnold's Park in Iowa. It has a nice Iowa downhome atmosphere, a classic wooden coaster, a few fair type rides, games, go-karts, and mini-golf. While it doesn't have lots of thrills, its relaxing to go there, and just have good 'ol fun. I try to fit it into my trip schedules each year if possible.

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Well in all honesty, I usually can't afford to go to many parks each year so I don't really waste my time and money to go to a park with just a few coasters. I've actually only been to two smaller parks, and is now closed. Even though I do think it is highly overrated, Holiday World is still a great park. It's just not everything people crack it up to be. I'd have to go with it as my favorite of the two. The other that I've been to is Motorworld in Virginia Beach, which shut down three(?) years ago I think. It was a neat little place, it was pretty much a small go kart complex that decided to add rides, but it was a lot of fun.


I would really like to make it to Lake Winnie or Beech Bend sometime soon.

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HMMM, let me think



I would have to say the best small park is



the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, with a great coaster and the kinda stinky beach, is pretty hard to beat


Cliff's Amusment Park in Albuquerque is also great, one great coaster and a compliment of flat rides that are very well taken care of.


Both parks have a log ride, with the edge going to SCBB in a big way, and they both have one great wooden coaster, with the edge going ever so slightly to Cliff's, and both have a smaller steel coaster, advantage goes to Cliff's due to the completes suckyness of the Hurricain coaster at the SCBB


The beach and the Warf, which is huge and you can drive out on(the warf I mean, try to drive onto the beach and let me know what happens), feed the sealions and eat at one of the full service sit down restraunts, that of course specialize in very VERY fresh seafood.

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Playland's Castaway Cove in Ocean City, NJ. It has 3 coasters, a Flitzer, a Pinfari ZL42 (1 Loop), and a Wild Mouse which appears to be the same type of coaster in Adventure City. They also have the standard amusement rides including a Log Flume.

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Check out the Pavilion in Myrtle Beach, SC. Its been there 50 years and has a 100 ft. woodie and a mad mouse. Great selection of other rides too. Its right at the beach, you can see the ocean from the lift hill. Beautiful.


I have been there! I love that park!! Hurricane (their wooden coaster) is my 3rd favorite woodie! and ive ridden 115 coasters total (not sure how many wood). I absouletly love small parks for some reason- other parks i like are seabreeze and lake compounce

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Okay I quote Robb on these "The first of many "Ghetto" things about this park was their funky 'swipe your card'

ticket system!"


"Did we mention the clientele of this park was kind of "ghetto?""


" You need someone to translate the ride rules from "Ghetto" for you!"


I like CnC but it could be operated and maintained much better.

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With the construction of the Voyage, I don't think I can consider Holiday World a small park anymore, they'll have 3 great wooden coasters, they have a great flume ride and raft rapids ride. Their waterpark is one of my favorites and is not small by any means, and they have 5 different areas if you include the waterpark. Coney Island in Cincinnati, that's a small park if you ask me, although my favorite small park was LeSourdsville Lake. Awesome woodie, fun flats, and a flume that soaks you!! I posted some pictures here: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=24318


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