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MySpace has never been creepier

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Ok I guess I will be the adult here about this. I honestly find nothing wrong with these Myspaces. I think they are very informative with pics and Videos. Personally I rather enjoyed looking through them. Also Homer to me you saying that those myspaces are creepy tells me that you are saying that TPR is creepy too because it's all rollercoaster related. Weather it's here with a big site and forums or if it's on myspace or any other place the internet can hold, it's still all about amusement parks and rollercoasters! Those myspaces have information, pics, videos and such about parks and coaster. TPR has info, pics, videos and such about parks and coasters too. So to me it's all the same!

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"On the bad side, Myspace is full of sexual predators. On the good side, mysapce is full of sexual predators"


I believe the exact quote is "The downside of MySpace is that it's full of sexual predators. The upside is that it's full of sexual prey."

- Dimitri Martin, The Daily Show

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