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Warner Bros. Movie World Madrid - Photos & Videos!

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Nice update you must have almost all RCCA coasters now. Magna Collossos and Montezum are the only 2 i can think of


I've got to go out to madrid over the summer to do some work so im thinking of hitting these 2 parks. anyone know how easy they are to get to by bus/train?




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Awesome TR guys! The videos are an awesome touch, too!


Dumb question but is Batman exactly the same as the ones over here? It looks like it went below ground a bit before the second corkscrew. Maybe its my eyes playing tricks on me, I don't know.


But again awesome trip report and pictures!

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Hi all


A question for my spanish amigos (and all others who've been to the park)

I can't deceide wether to go on a friday or saturday to the park. Does it make a difference in qeue lenght???

It's open 'till 24 hours on saturday but is there a train back to Madrid at that hour???

Also, is Stuntfall broken often? I often hear it is but I don't want to miss it when I'm there.


Thanks very much (Spain rocks!)

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the last train return to madrid this parque warner is at 22.16h and direct to Madrid No cross other lines the friday is possible a "school day" but the waiting time isn't up 1 hour,but saturday is a "other journal" but the assintance aproximetly is 7000 persons,30 minits waiting time in rides/coaster


but other questios put here


see you later


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luis this saturday you went with me at Warner Brothers ok? but no you can in messenger.


Wrebbit i recomend go to the park saturday 19th august but this day have a nightshow and it very good show... and saturday closed at 24h except hollywood boulevard close at 1h.


see you later


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