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Warner Bros. Movie World Madrid - Photos & Videos!

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Well today completed our little "Mini-Spain" trip with a visit to Warner Bros. Movie World Madrid. All I can say is "WOW! This park was AWESOME!!!!" Didn't Six Flags have a hand in this at one point? If so, all I can ask is "Why can't all the other Six Flags parks look like this?!?!"


Seriously, this park was almost on par with Universal quality. It looked FANTASTIC!!! While some of the operations left a little to be desired, it wasn't that bad, and also considering the park was *EMPTY* while we were there, it wasn't too bad that they were running one train on everything, etc.


Anyway, on to a few photos.....


So, um....is this would you would expect from a "Six Flags" park?!??! link:


Whoever claimed this was a "Scream clone without a midcourse" is a freaking moron!!!!


Ugh, this piece of crap makes you get off and say "Wow, let's go on a good woodie like Mean Streak...or Psyclone, perhaps?"


Yes, this is BATMAN! Themed with the Insane Asylum and everything! Um, why can't all the other Batman's look this cool?!?!


So overall, a REALLY kick ass day in an awesome park!


Check out the entire Photo and Video update, including 4 POV videos of Superman, Batman, Stunt Fall, and Wild Wild Coaster Express by clicking:






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WBMW rocks!


One of the best days I'd ever had at a park was there. Excellent park, clean, good rides, loads of money thrown at it, easy(ish) to get to. No punters though - they dont know what they are missing

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Ah, So I'm not the only one pleasantly surprised by this park! The Deja Vu clone wasn't finished yet when I went and there wasn't nearly as much greenery yet, but it was a really nice park.


Glad you had a good time, Robb and Elissa.

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Wow...that looks like an amazing park!


Funny, of all those roller coasters, I still think that one ride looks like the most fun is that S&S. I dont know why, it just does.


-Jahan "Anything Riddler's has to be good!" Makanvand

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Awesome trip report! I loved the park when I visited it in 2003. Three fantastic steel coasters! Where the trim brakes on Superman on when you rode it? Because they were not touching the train when I rode it in 03 and the airtime over the hill after the cobra roll was amazing!


The funniest thing when I was there was the queues. Superman, Stunt Fall and Batman were all walk-on while Wild Wild West had a long queue. Spanish GP are weird I guess, because I have heard pretty much the same story from everyone who has visited the park.


Yngve "hopefully I can go back there some time" Oestbye

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Yeah, this was the best day of the previous four, without a doubt!


I can't believe it wasn't busier, but some of the operations would have made it murderous on the rides without the Fast Pass Q-Jump thing!

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I just downloaded the onride videos. Great videos as always! The Coaster Express video really made me laugh. I had a really bad ride on it when I rode it in 03. The transitions are of course smooth (doh, its designed by Stengel), but the trains are just vibrating so much. My stomach muscles were hurting like hell after spending a week on a trampoline with my young cousin, and when youre then exposed to 3-4G's and extreme vibrations at the same time its not very comfortable.

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You guys really crack me up!! I just love all the videos! Its been a dream of mine to be in one of them!!! I guess u hear it alot but u havent heard it from me yet!!!


Well back on subject... the park is awsome!!! I cant belive ya'll got on all 4 Deja Vu's!! So that would be like a double Deja Vu then, right?

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Wow those seats on the Wild Coaster Wild West Express looks uber painfull. Then to top it off with the vibrations and getting thrown around in them seems like a good torturous spleenectimy ride!! Looks like there is no padding!!

Coaster trains needs PADDING, spanish PEOPLE!!


All that coaster needs is new seats with padding and then at least it looks like it wont be as painfull!! Get a milenium flyer or a nice padded CCI/PTC train on there!!

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Hey! I'm happy you liked the park, i'll go next week to check how is running this seasson


If you think wild wild west is the worst wooden coaster ever.. wait to ride Magnus Colossus at Terra Mítica (Benidorm, Alicante), it is even nicer and even worse! (so painfull....)

Wild wild west is a bit better in summer time because they put water spray fountains in the drops so you get wet...



I love your videos, in particular the stunt fall one!! it makes me remember last year when i was able to ride it all the times i wanted because there was no line!


The Hotel Embrujado Vekoma ride it's closed because a young man died last year there, there's no explanation about how it happened in a so familiar ride... it's said he had a panic atack or something, he managed to stand up and tried to exit while the room was in movement...


Hope you come someday to Port Aventura and Terra Mítica



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!And btw...ALL FOUR DEJA VU'S!!!!!


And I say to you, BAH!!!


I have, um, one. After about four attempts...stupid Vekoma.


That park does look awesome. And the pics/video ruled, as always.



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And so my weekend of INTENSE ENVY is complete:


1. Derek gets to spend a beautiful Friday at BGEuroburg while I slave away at work not 15 minutes away.


2. The Alveys post pictures of this great-looking park in Spain.


3. My parents just wrapped up a trip to Disneyland and DCA.


Oh, the agony of it all . . .


But sweet revenge will be mine in June!

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FYI: The insane asylum is Arkham Asylum.


First you didn't know the Green Lantern was black, and now this????


But seriously that park looks awesome. I wish our Batman had Arkham.

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