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April 7-SFOG TR

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I went to SFOG April 7 despite constante warnings about possible tornadeos. I left my house at 10:55. I got there at 11:45. We parked in the main parking lot. This year, the price of parking in the main lot is $15. I was lucky to find a parking spot near the enterance. Everyone was right, Goliath does look bigger in person. I noticed that the trim brakes weren't on. Cars would stop when Goliath came over the road. The ticket line went by fast.


When we entered the park, there weren't alot of people there. We decided to get a Q-Bot even thought the park wasen't crowded. I later found out that everyone was in line for Goliath. The Q-Bot video that you have to watch was really stupid. It explained the Q-Bot like it was just introduced. After that, the line to get the Q-Bot was 15 minutes long. Last year, the line went by fast. Also, you didn't have to watch a video.


After getting the Q-Bot, we went to the Mine Train. It was only a 10 minute wait so we waited for the front car. My cousin and I got the first row while my sister and dad got the second row. Mine Ttain was fun as usual. This year, it didn't jerk as much as last year. It also seemed alot faster than last year. Honestly, I never thought that the Mine Train was jerky. I got a little bit of airtime coming out of the tunnle at the end. I also noticed that the lights in the tunnle were turned off. Mine Train ran 2 trains today.


After that, we went to the Canyon Blaster. The line was long so we used the Q-Bot. Before we boarded, one of the Ride Op's said that all the q-Bot people had to sit in the middle. Last year, Q-Bot people could sit where ever they wanted to. Canyon Blaster was a fun ride. I sat by myself while my sister sat with my cousin. I was shocked when I could fit in the cars. They are really small and the lapbar can be painful for men. On the first drop, my cousin yelled out,"Ow! My balls!". The little kids in front of him were asking what balls were . It would be nice if they would extend the coaster. They could make it interact with Mine Train or SplashWater Falls. Overall, an enjoyable ride.


After Canyon Blaster, my dad had to charge his cell phone. He had to exit the park and walk to his car. I thought that they wouldn't let him back in because of the no re-entry policy. While he was gone, we went to go do the Cyclone and the Scorcher. Lines for both rides were long so we used the Q-Bot.


First was Cyclone. I don't know why I did this ride again. I have only did it twice. It beat the crap out of me and the trains are extremly small. We waited only 5 minutes. We could have waited 2 but I wanted to sit in the bluse train. I sat in the second car, first row. I pulled my lapbar down all the way and tightened my seatbelt all the way. I was shocked to have an O.K ride on Cyclone. My sister and cousin sat in front of me. It was funny seeing them get their whole body beaten up while only my head got whacked. The fourth drop was INSANE!! There was so much that I thought that I would get ejected. Overall, not the best ride ever. It's not very enjoyable. Some re-tracking and bigger trains could make it a better ride. Cyclone ran 2 trains today.


After Cyclone, we headed towards the Scorcher. Only my sister and cousin rode. I'm scared of stand-up coasters. There was major stacking on Scorcher. But, it wasen't the operators fault. every time a train would load, people would start playing in the seats making them go up and down until one of the operators threatend to kick them off the ride. I can't write much about the ride since I didn't go on it. Every now and then, people in line would jump when Goliath would go over the bunny hops. Scorcher ran 2 trains today.


After Scorcher, my dad had returned. We went to eat at Miss Dixie Depot near the Mine Train. The food there is excellent. It's well worth the money you spent. Actually, they give you more than what you paid for. The service is good and you get your food fast. The food tastes great. The turkey legs are good. This place is way better than D.J's diner. I give it a 10/10. After lunch, we re-rode the Mine Train and Canyon Blaster. This time on Canyon Blaster, they let the Q-Bot people sit in the front. After that, we rode the Monster Plantation.


Monster Plantation is one of the best dark rides I have been on even though it is outdated. It seems that SFOG adds something new everytime I ride it. My sister(10) and my cousin(13) are scared of the lady at the begining of the ride. I yelled boo and made my sister jump and start screaming. Our boat started to sink since 2 HUGE people were in the boat. I was shocked when I saw both side of the loading platform operating. I've never seen both sides open.


After that, we went to Lickskillet. We decided to skip Thunder River and come back later. We also skipped the go-karts. Deja Vu was closed. There were people wearing red VEKOMA shirts working on the ride. My cousin and sister decided to ride Wheelie so I waited for them. While they were on the ride, I was watching Ninja get its finishing touches. Ninja lookes better in black than white. Black makes it look more Ninja-ish. The guy at the enterance said that the ride will open on April 15. I went throught the exit to look at the trains. They are the same trains that have always been on the ride. After Wheelie, we went on GASM.


We used Q-Bot for GASM. This year, the Q-Bot policy for GASM is different. Last year, the third car was reserved for Q-Bot only. Now, they only let 2 Q-Bot people go at a time. When the Q-Bot line got big, a whole train is used for Q-Bot people. GASM was great as always. My sister and cousin sat together. I sat by myself. Why do people say GASM is rougher this year? I think it got smoother. Then again, I always thought that GASM was smooth. I re-rode GASM 2 more times.


After GASM, we wanted to ride Goliath. We skipped Superman in order to get to Goliath sooner. We also skipped Splashwater Falls because we didn't want to wait 1 hour for a 45 second ride. We reserved our ride on Goliath. We had to wait one hour before our ride. So, we rode FreeFall, Log Jamboree, and Shake,Rattle,'N'Roll.


First was FreeFall. I didn't want my back to hurt so I skipped it. My sister said FreeFall was smooth so she and my cousin went on. I waited at the exit and watched Mind Bender. A small girl came off crying because the ride was too high. When my sister came off, she said that this was the first time that her back hurt on FreeFall. Next was Shake,Rattle,'N'Roll. The line was about 20 minutes. Why don't they have Q-Bot on this ride? While in line, I saw something really disturbing. A girl wearing a sports bra with hair on her stomache and her pants down so you could see her underwear(actually, they were boxers). She cut her hair short like a man. The ride was fun. I sat with my cousin on the ride. Even when the lights went on, they kept us spinning for 30 more seconds. Last was Log Jamboree. I like this sign better than the Deer Park Plunge sign. Both names sound cool though. My dad, sister, cousin, and I all fit into one log. I noticed that the more people there are in a log, the faster the ride goes. I only got wet a little bit on my legs.


After Log Jamboree, we headed back to Goliath. We found out that we came 20 minutes early. So we bought Dippen Dots. Why is Dippen Dots expencive no matter where you buy it? For 20 minutes, we watched train after train go down the first drop on Goliath. Finally, it was our time for Goliath. At the last second, my sister chickened out and I had to leave with her. Only my cousin got to go on. When he came off, he said that there was no airtime. Also, the first drop felt as if you were going straight down. Is it true that the GASP could have stayed?


After Goliath, we headed towards Thunder River. We used the Q-Bot even though the line was 30 minutes. I hate the long walk down the hill for the Q-Bot people. We were 10 minutes early but still got to go on. No one checked our Q-Bot so we went on twice. The first time, I barely got wet. I only got shot by water from the cannon. The second time, I went on with a bunch of hot blonde girls wearing tight white shirts and booty shorts. Once again, I barely got wet. But, the girls got soaked. It must have been embarassing for them since you could see throught their shirts and they weren't wearing any bra . I was suprised that all the rafts were in operation.


After Thunder River, we did a couple rides in order to dry off before going to Gotham City. We did Q-Bot for GASM again. We rode once and got in line again. When we were in line again, two guys lapbar's got stuck down. They had to ride twice before getting off. When they let the 2 Q-Bot people go, my sister and cousin went and we got seperated. When I went on the other train, I was paired up with a girl who hasen't been on the ride before. On the way up the lift, the girl next to me thought that Ninja was the coaster in Final Destination 3. My ride partner's sister and cousin were sitting behind us.On the way down the first drop, the girl next to me was shouting, "Jesus help me!! Make it stop!!Make it stop!!". I rode the whole time with my hands up. At the end, the girl next to me said that there was too much airtime( ). The GASM crew was AWSOME!! They told jokes and encouraged people to ride. They were also very funny and energedic(sp?). While exiting, I saw something funny. These two girls were fighting with these two boys over $6. They were cussing and feeling each other. Everyone stopped and stared at them. Since there was only an hour left, we skipped Superman. But, we did a quick ride on Rockin'Tug.


We finally reached Gotham City with only 40 minutes left. By now, most of the people have left the park. My sister and cousin did Crime Wave while I was buying drinks. Is it true Crime Wave is the old Highland Swings? After that, we were going to do MindBender. They closed the Q-Bot lane so we had to run through the regular line. When we got there, my sister and cousin got in the car. One of the operator's wouldn't let me in because she thought I wouldn't fit and I was holding up the line. She was very rude. When they came off, they ran to Batman. Only my cousin rode Batman. While he was on Batman, I went back to MindBender and they let me try out the seat. To no suprise, I fit perfectly. The ride was about to close but the guy operator kept the line open for 6 minutes so I could get my sister. But, she wanted to watch Batman on the lift. I spent 3 minutes trying to get her on.


I ran back to MindBender. They were still cycleing trains. When my sister finally came, they closed the ride. They wouldn't let us on so we were about to leave. When we were walking out the the station, they let another train full of people go again. They were about to start another train when my dad came to the station. The train moved up a bit then stopped it and told everyone to exit. Then, one of the operator's yelled at us, "Thank you for visiting SFOG. Now please, hurry up and exit, leave and go home." Then, she said,"One day, this place might be like Disney." Then, I said, "With people like you working here, it never will be." That lady was a pain in my . When we left the station, she let another train of people go again. She was pure .


My cousin said that he got stuck on Batman and had to re-ride twice. On the way out, Goliath stayed open an extra 30 minutes. We stopped by Wendy's on the way home. At Wendy's, I was sliding in my chair when it cracked. We left when that happened. We saw someone else sit in the cracked chair and then, BAM!!. The chair collapsed.


Overall, it was an O.K. day at SFOG. The rude Mind Bender lady kind of spoiled the day. Kudos to the following people: Renee of PR, Erica(Goliath and GASM Q-Bot person), Guy who kept the MindBener line open 6 extra minutes for me, Kathryin(Lady working at shopping booth outside of Mind Bender enterance), GASM crew, Log Jamboree crew, and the Mine Train crew. Thanks to those people for making such a good day at the park.

P.S I will post pictures later. I'm to tired.

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Would you have ridden Goliath, Batman, and MindBender?


Three of the best coasters in the park and you either decided not to ride or you couldn't ride because of your sister? I'm sorry, but if I got up to ride Goliath and my sister chickened out, I would point to the exit and say "SEEYA!"

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^ Exactly! You are a very good brother to do that for your sister, even though she left you behind on one of the best stand-up coasters. I would have shrugged my shoulders and walked on in. Haha!


EDIT: Oh yeah, GOLIATH has crazy airtime. I dont know what your cousin was thinking!

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^ I would have shrugged my shoulders and walked on in. Haha!


That's what I did in 1999 on Apollo's Chariot at BGE. My mom was in line with my dad, sister and I the whole time. Then, when it was our turn to board, she just walked through, to the exit. We looked at her, and said "we'll see you in a bit".

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What are you talking about - they have always played a video while in line


Cyclone's trains are standard PTC's so are they really that small or is someone in your party big? They are pretty standard trains and the worst thing is the seats.


Whether or not the Gasp could have stayed - the ride could have been designed around the ride to allow it to continue to operate, so yes it could have stayed but not with where GOLIATH is now.


Woo go Renee. Most folks wet their lips over Jim but we all know Renee is the brains behind the operation

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Would you have ridden Goliath, Batman, and MindBender?


Yes, I would. I have done Batman and MindBender. I would have done Goliath also if she didn't chicken out at the last second. She wants to do Deja Vu but not Goliath...Weird.

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No offense, but that trip sounds so boring. No Goliath, no Batman, no Mindbender or Acro. You had a q-bot too, you could have ridden everything if you wanted to. Monster Plantation and Shake Rattle & Roll, I don't even bother with those rides. I don't know if it was the people with you or what, but it sounds like you just don't know theme park time management

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HE was being sarcastic. So i'm being criticized for not doing Batman, MindBender and keeping my sister company when she chickened out on Goliath? She is only 10 and i'm not going to let her wonder around without anyone watching her. I forgot to add Acro. Yes, we did do Acro. It was my first time on it. On the way up, I started cussing. As for MindBender, is it my fault that the operators were being a hole?

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