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Parque de Atracciones, Spain - Photo and VIDEO Trip Report!

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Looks like you didn't have luck with all that closed rides.

Still, I think that the supports of an Intamin invert, especially for loops, look REALLY odd...

Thar Tarantula-POV looks quite good. I'd love to ride that one. The turnarounds look very nice. Although the ride is themed not very well IMO.

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Hey Robb mixing videos in with your pics works really well!! I really enjoy this approach!! Two thumbs up!! Or in this case two airtimes up!! hehe


Also your ride commentary is top notch! It's a nice change from just using music or pure raw coaster vids!!


These different styles and approaches to your TR's really adds a very good change and keeps everything fresh and not monotonous!!


Very good job Robb!! Keep up the great work that you provide for TPR!!! Your time and efforts to get all this out to us is greatly appreciated


No and I am not kissing ass!!! (For those who may think this!)


Also sorry to see that the park didn't quite deliver as you had hoped but at least to yours elissas and toms surprise that Tornado opened up and ya got to ride it!! Not to mention its opening brought us a pov with added commentary!!

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Robb--Nice style in the TR.


Looks like you had fun at SFMM (Se Fuego Madrid Montana)


Tarantula looks cool. But, Tornado--hmm. Was it kinda slow like Volcano?


Was that too much like home, or better because the rides actually opened?





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Ok, I will answer many questions! First, for what kind of cameras we use, see this thread:



Jahan, it's funny you mention the "commentary" because early on I never thought anyone would ever be seeing much of our videos. Keep in mind the original intention for the videos and DVDs were to share our trips with families and friends. It was completely by accident they have caught on the way they do. Also, I always assumed that if we did edit something, it would be set to music, so why bother talking when the audio would just be covered up anyway. It wasn't until the infamous Manhatten Express video that I realized that the commentary could be fun! I also *HATE* hearing my voice on tape and to this day I still don't find the things I say nearly as funny as other people seem to find them, but hey, if it keeps people entertained, I'll keep doing it! Most of the times it seems that people find humor in the totally random things I say un-intentionally. Another reason we never "script" stuff. When you do it just seems like it's never funny.


Martin, lately we've been doing different things with our footage. Right now everything we're shooting will end up on Coaster Expedition Volume 8 (although we still need to get Volume 7 done!) but from our footage we'll still do our "music video" type DVDs, a "footage" DVD, and lately we've been doing these mini video trip reports which we just can't put on a DVD unless we dedicated an entire disc to like 3 or 4 parks and sort of did it "Hang out with Robb & Elissa at Park X" but I'm not sure if people would want an entire DVD like that. Or would you?


Anyway, we were at WBMW today and OMG what a polar opposite of yesterday! That was a FANTASIC park with some great rides! Lots of photos and more videos are coming later today. (I think we shot like 400 pictures!)


Anyway, back to working on today's update!



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On a side note, I have just made a change (kind of major) to how the videos are displayed and downloaded in the update. If you have a moment to check it out, please let me know if the videos are working ok with you, and if you like the format:







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I also *HATE* hearing my voice on tape and to this day I still don't find the things I say nearly as funny as other people seem to find them, but hey, if it keeps people entertained, I'll keep doing it!


I'm the exact same way. I hate the sound of my voice. I tend to cut any clips from my videos that have me talking.


I think everyone dislikes their own voice on tape, while everyone else finds it normal.


I liked the new format Robb. With just normal links it was kind of easy to miss the video link. The picture link makes it obvious that there's a video to see.

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Americas nothing but Indians, Hawaiian chicks, and cheerleaders! Wow! That place sounds great!


Not to mention burnt-out shells of buildings, it seems.


Thanks for the update. Haven't checked out the videos, mainly because I still use dial up (but this might be a good excuse to finally switch to broadband).


The "penguin standoff" sounds like it comes from "Quentin Tarantino's It's a Small World." Come to think of it, that sounds like a really cool idea.

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Well, firts of all, escuse me for my English bur I haven't practice it since two or three years so I'm forgettin' it I'm a spanish 19 year old boy from a city in the center of Spain, an hour by car from Madrid and tow hours from Terra Mitica and Port Aventura, that I've visited it all. I've visited your web since two or three years so more or less I know you hahah, I'm just joking. Well later I will post a new post sendig you some photos of Parque de Atracciones de madird in summer, and I hope you will change your opinion, well I must accept that its not a 10 park but every year its better tahn the past for reasons that a will post you later cos' now I haven't time for it cos' I'm now going out for fiesta so I hope you'll read my post tomorrow!!

See you all!


And I will tell you why Tornado must be ride by at lest 20 persons...

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I'm sorry to hear you guys had a poor time at Parque de Atracciones, I had a similar experience when I went last November.

My PTR is here


I got 'caught out' by the late opening of rides too & the 20 riders needed on Tornado. On second day of my trip (A Sunday) I was not able to get on Tornado until 5 PM or so.


The dark ride next to Tarantula, was torn down for Tarantula ( I guess you knew that already )


I got to say this & being polite as I can here, All parks in Spain I have been too are 'pretty poor' & very relaxed in there ride operations.


Like me I think you guys enjoyed the park, it was just let down by some poor operations !?


At least it was warmer for you, When I went there it snowed !


Hope the rest of your Spain get better



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Well as I promised I've return to talk you abourt Parque de Atracciones de Madrid (P.A.M.)

First of all I must say this is an old park that has changed a lot since they opened in 1969 with only a coaster, 7 Picos, a Schwarzkopf Wild cat that was removed to place in 200 Abismo, the new X-car coaster.

The principal problem of the park is that is very near the centre of Madrid, and its palced in a protected natural area, so they can cut some trees ( thats the reason of the abnrmal supports of Tornado) an buy more terrain to construct, so the only way to make the park reliable is took down atracctions to put some new in their place. Thats why they removed the

Schwarzkopf it has had along his history, first was jet Star to place an Intamin Splash (Los Fiordos themed in the Vikings) a few years before but opened later than Jet Star they put down Katapult ( I think a girl died in it), later Looping Star (becouse the neighbours complained about the noise the coaster maked) and the last coaster was 7 Picos.

After removing Looping Star PAM started to get older, with older atracctions and poor and old themed. When Warner Bros. Movie World was anounced in Madrid PAM opened "la Lanzadera", the first freefall tower in europe, and Tornado, the first prototipe of their inverted coaster, it was a short but intense rida with odd suports, but it has a problem, if there isn`t too many people riding it the train can not reach the top of the second looping!!! between the turn and the second loop. Thats why this coaster its so dirty ( I think it would be replaced in three or four years). With the opnening of Warner Bros, Pam was divided in five themed areas, the machines area, the big avenue, the tranquility zone , the nature area an the childrens area. In 2003 PAM was bougth by Advent, an American company , to make competition with Warner Bros, then they opened Tarantula, and clean the face of the park painting buildings, putting more thematization and structuring the park.

For this year we are waiting for the openig of x-car Abismo (which has the tallest inversion of the world..) and the new shooting dark ride "Tarantula's Nest" ( yes ,the building under tarantula) that was before that an space-themed , an pirate-themed, and a mine-themed dark ride.

One of the best rides in the park is the hounted mansion, one of the best in all Europe, not for their animatronics (it hasn't) it is because is one of the most terrifying!!

Another cool thin is that you can pay at the entrace of tha park the ride and how many times you want to ride it.


I must tell you that Parque de atracciones is one of the two parks that opens all the year (the other is at Barcelona and its called Tibidabo)

and just after holy week the park are preparing the season so the park is upside down and looks very weird with not too much people visiting it..


Well, I encourage you all to come to the Spanish theme park in summer!! they are too cool and had some of the best roller coasters of the world, Dragon khan, Stampida, Superman...


Ah, of course... Spanish do not stand up in log flumes!! the boy in the foto is a gipsy guy (that people are crazy) and we dont do weir things on coaters wile rinding it!!


Los fiordos ( the castle is one of the two entrances of the splash)


Main avenue


La Maquina


Tarantula and 7 Picos

Tarantula has fog in the tunnel after the second inmelmamn, when it goes down Tarantula's nest" making you the sensation of crashing.


El aserradero (Arrow log flume)


7 Picos

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IMO The Tornado looks really odd, well it doesn't look like its made by one of the best coaster Manufactuers in the world!

Its like one of the best coasters i have been on! I will agree with you, before i went, i thought it didn't look that good, but COaster Force were praising it alot. Its a bit of a suprise package really, a lot like Tutuki Splash at Port Aventura, and la trace du Hoarrah at Parc Asterix.


However, i will agree it doesn't look like an Intamin.


Oh, and Zanex is right. It is excellent in Summer. But it is placed write next to what is like a Desert.

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Sounds to me like Parque de Attraciones is more or less a reflection of Spanish culture in some of the ways they do things. It helps in Spain to have a bit more of a relaxed view of time, appointments, etc... Sort of take things a bit more slowly and "go with the flow."


Some illustrations of this would be the siesta hour (or two) that a lot of businesses take in the middle of the day, as well as the fact that almost nothing is open on Sundays. And don't forget that the dinner hour is pushing 9pm... or beyond!


Anyway, like anything there are exceptions, and it sounds like Movie World runs things a bit more tightly. But that doesn't mean that Parque de Attraciones's way of doing things is wrong; it's just kinda how things are done. (And also, as zanix noted, Parque de Attraciones is open year-round, so they do have those operational issues to work around as well.)



By the way, don't leave Spain without having some of the ham!

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Flashback : My trips to these parks (and Barca's) last summer if anyone is interested;





PS - did you get to ride the exciting Madrid cable car system. It taks you out to quite near the entrance of the Parque de A. (but back into the city-park away from the metro stop). Its a very scenic cable car ride out over the city-park from up one of the hills to the North of the city centre.




Chief amongst its delights is the view it affords you as you travel up and over the city prosititutes plying their trade in the red-light district that is the back roads and car parks in the park. Delightful!


A scenic trip through the park


Just earning a living (and dont look down when you go over the car park either!!!)

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