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Parque de Atracciones, Spain - Photo and VIDEO Trip Report!

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Hey everyone!


So I'm testing a slightly new approach to our normal updates and that is to include a few videos for download within our regular photo updates.

The full update is located here:



Today we were at Parque de Atracciones in Madrid Spain. I wish I could report we had a really good day, but the park leaved a LOT to be desired.


Let's start with the bad....


First off, we got to the park for opening, around 11:30 to see them testing quite a few rides. "Great!" we thought!


Well they open the park at noon, and we didn't get on our first coaster until 2:30pm, and we didn't get on our 2nd coaster until well after 3:30. We used to give SFMM and Knott's crap for not having the park ready for opening, but this place didn't have their major rides ready until nearly 3 or 4 hours after opening, and they still had I'd say about 1/3 of the rides in total closed!



When you look around you can see that it COULD be a "pretty" park, but it just looked as though they were still in "off season" mode with forklifts and trucks running around the place, some rides still in pieces, lots of the landscaping torn up, the place was just a mess. It was kind of sad, really.


Overall we had a good time on most of the rides there, it was just the operations of the place that frustrated us.


I think we only went on something like 5 or 6 rides and we were there for nearly 6 hours, and the park was EMPTY! We spent a lot of time just sitting around waiting for rides to finally open.


On a side note, they had the COOLEST "ride pass hand stamp" thing which was actually a "Temporary tattoo" you had to put on!!! It was so cool we even took a video of it!


Tarantula, their spinning coaster was actually a LOT of fun. Not up to Winjas, but this one seemed really FAST! It's too bad they only ran like 3 cars because once it did open, the line got REALLY long and it took forever for them to load it.


Then Tornado finally opened, which was kind of a funny story because when we got there they had the first loop covered in scaffolding and people were banging on it. At any other park that was usually the "ride is not going to open today" sign. Not at this park!


They dismantled all the scaffolding and opened the damn thing up! I mean, I am happy they did that, don't get me wrong, it just seemed weird that there was no sign or nothing for all these rides having a delayed opening, and most of the rides that were closed weren't on the "closed rides" board.


The ride itself was good. Not amazing, but good. I'd give it a solid B- It had some good forces, but then it would feel like it was going to roll back! It was very weird. And once it finally did open (after meandering around the park waiting for nearly 4 hours) we then had to wait for them to have 20 people in order to ride it! That took like another 20 minutes. *sigh*


And oh yeah...while it wasn't as good as "El Paso Special" at Bobbejaanland you gotta see the video of "Spanish Small World!"


Anyway, onto the update...and YES there are photos *AND* videos! 4 new videos to be exact! POVs of both coasters, and then some other random funny stuff we shot today.


To see the entire photo and video update click:






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I was only able to view the first part of the Tornado video too. It ended right after the lift.

As for the 20 people thing, that sounds like something you would do in RCT.


The "Small World" video was hilarious, though the Disney version has a New Zealand section (though anything with sheep and a donkey is good enough)

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Thanks for the pics Robb! And can I just say...we've had our trip to Spain planned for about 4 months now, but it wasn't until I was that pic of the subway that I was finally like..."I'M GOING TO SPAIN!!!!!" I can't wait!!! I just hope I have a better experience at the park than you guys did.



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*watches windjammer pov*


*watches tornado pov*


....Hmm...somewhere between these two, you grew a personality who likes to provide.....interseting, commentary. Where did that come from?




Thanks for fixing the video.


Glad that the updated link exceeds Austrialian standards.



-Jahan "smartass" Makanvand

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Hey that was great!


I prosume you only do complete park videos when go on organised trips?


But the little POV's scattered about the report is cool!


I must say that IMO the Tornado doesn't look that good!


Robb, why did you go to that park? was there a certain ride you HAD to go on? Movie world Madrid seems alot more fun!

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