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Best Out and Back Coasters

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Can't believe I'm the first, but going with the theme of the week... Goliath at SFoG. I really didn't think too much of this coaster when it was announced and thought placing it on top of everything was an ugly decision.


After this weekend though, I have confirmed I'm an idiot and don't know what the hell I'm talking about.


The ride is beautiful and amazing! Its probably one of the most photogenic rides I've seen. The airtime is great in every seat, but I definitly think its a back seat ride. The first two hills are extremely graceful and offer a great float in all the seats. Hill the is excellent and seems to sustain more air than Titan(Goliath SFMM)'s 3rd hill. The helix is so much more powerful than I had expected. I really didn't expect the train to maintain that much speed on the climb up. The two hills running back into the park after the overbank are wicked. At the end of ERT I was starting to hurt from being ejected into the restraint and then immediatly slammed back into the seat from these two drops.


It really is not over hyping from locals. The ride is damn good. I haven't ridden Apollo, but in my opinion Goliath absolutly destroys Raging Bull.


I would also easily take this over Magnum(only ridden a couple of times, but didn't like it all that much), or Superman at SFA (Though Superman does have a better pullover on the first drop, thats all that beats Goliath in comparison)

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Since you want to stick with steel, for quick weekend trips, I'd consider SFOG with Goliath, SFOT with Titan, Sea World Texas with Steel Eel, SFGAm with Raging Bull (its as out and back as Millennium Force or Goliath at SFMM), and Worlds of Fun with Mamba.


Overseas you could do Europa and Holiday Park with Silver Star and Expedition GeForce, respectively. You can also add in Walibi World with its Goliath. That pretty much covers all the smooth steel out and backs overseas and here in the States.

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My view on an out and back coaster is just one that goes straight out, turns around, then comes back. MF, Goliath, S: ROS don't count as OaB coasters.



I think Blue Streak at CLP is my favorite, with the other Blue Streak at Cedar Point coming in at a close second.

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Goliath at LaRonde looks like the perfect out and back coaster! I also heard rave reviews from it! To me, Millennium Force doesn't really seem like an "out and back" seems more of a terrain. Though Dragster goes out, up, down, and back!

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Well, there are probably four Coasters around here you will find awesome, considering your original post.


Colossos @ Heide Park

Expedeition GeForce @ Holiday Park

Silver Star @ Europapark

Goliath @ Walibi World


You can call them all sort of out and back designs, except for EGF.


If you want to change your mind about twisters. Toverland in the Netherlands has GCI woodie Troy. That is THE wooden coaster coaster fans should g for this year!


Those five parks can be visited in six days, with a efficient planning that is. Even by public transport.

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Goliath at LaRonde looks like the perfect out and back coaster!


yeah i agree...nothing BUT hills..i would love to ride at if I'm ever in the area.


Now back to my favs:


As far as steel, Goliath @ Six Flags over Georiga has been my only out-and-back...


but as far as wood, I like Great American Scream Machine (SFoG), but my favorite is Dania Beach Hurricane (Boomers, Dania Beach, FL), which is actually a double out-and-back....

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The only two 'Out & backs' I can recall riding is the Big dipper and Rollercoaster (And as far as Im aware are the only two in England) so it has to be Big dipper.


Unless you could count the Ultimate as one (more or a circle with no cross overs but it does go out and back).

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