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PHOTOS: Patriot Media Day

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Hey gang.

Well another media day has passed. Was out at Worlds of Fun today for Media Day. The ride is pretty good and will surprise most that ride it. I liked the Zero G roll best. The ride has pretty good speed and has a pretty good ride flow. Everybody loved it even all the upper park staff. Anyway I got to the park at 6am rode none stop tell 9 then the announcement from park staff and the announcement was over short and quick. Followed by more rides on Patriot. What else. WOF gave out very cool 8 inch tall 2 in wide glass bars that are laser cut on the inside with Patriot name and eagle head. Anyway exhasted from the trip so here are the photos. Unfortunatly it was a cloudy day so photos not so bright oh well. I have 45 photo from media day on mysite www.johnnyupsidedown.com or go straight to the photos here http://www.johnnyupsidedown.com/new2006p3.html

and here are a few of the photos hope you like.






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Thanks for the compliments.

Um sorry not much airtime as in up out of the seat. However the zero G roll has great upsidedown and all around airtime similar to Krakens ZGroll. The ride carries its speed through out. The loop is similar to a Batman loop pulls all the way through. The immelman enters with good speed and has a little upsidedown airtime hanging air as you rotate out of the immelman. The high bank turn is pretty good as the day went on the it got better and would have a good pull into the S curve. Lets see the s curve over the station is kinda lame but is followed by a nice dip and a flip as I call it more like a good drop into a flat spin. So anyway the ride will surprise most with a good amount of speed, close ground travesing and some great ride elements. Best seat most liked the front but either side back row is my favorite.

A few more photos are up on another page on my site http://www.johnnyupsidedown.com/eventWOF.html and here is a photos of the crystal gift given to all that attended.


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The strip takes a little getting used to. Once you have seen it for a while you dont really notice it that much. The station area is kinda plain with limited themeing but looks nice its a bright area with lots of spaces to observe the ride with picnic areas. This photo shows the entrance area, onride photo booth, gift shop building and station house not bad looking http://www.johnnyupsidedown.com/new06/pa78a.jpg .

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Agreed, it's different than the same ol' blue and red found on *way* too many coasters nowadays....this changes it up a lil' bit.


Not to mention I love the station, I think it looks really classy. The ride looks great, too! Don't think I'm riding it this year, since I'm waiting to hit SDC/Celeb City, too.



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Silver Bullet looks great. The track isnt silver but I think Silver track would look pretty ugly, thus we have silver supports. The trains arent silver either but they still look great if you ask me. The Silver Bullet area also has theming in it.

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The station is themed to look like an old frontier type building.


I didn't ride it nearly as many times as Johnny did but I will agree that it's a fun ride. I also think that once it heats up and gets a full load of riders the hill over the station will provide some nice air time. There was a hint of it yesterday with only about 20% of the seats filled.



We wrote a ride review along with some grabbing a handful of photos as well.





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