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Favorite Pro Sport


Favorite Pro Sport  

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  1. 1. Favorite Pro Sport

    • Football (american)
    • Basketball
    • Baseball
    • Hockey
    • Nascar (any auto racing)
    • Soccer
    • Golf
    • Tennis

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As a Canadian, I'm legally obligated to enjoy hockey, or I get deported to the country of my ancestors' origin. That said, I am (sadly) a Toronto Maple Leafs fan. This year is our year (to make the playoffs). Hey...at least I'm an honest Leafs fan.


I also follow a number of other sports. They are (with favourite teams):

CFL Football - Hamilton Tiger-Cats

NFL Football - Buffalo Bills

MLB - Toronto Blue Jays ('92-'93 were good times)

Super 14 Rugby - ACT Brumbies


As you can see, I clearly pick winning teams to cheer for. It could be worse, I could be sports fan in Cleveland or Seattle.


I could tell you a lot of Cleveland sports stories. Most of them end on a sour note. Also I agree about the Blue Jays. Too bad they could not keep the World Series team together.

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Also I agree about the Blue Jays. Too bad they could not keep the World Series team together.


They had a really good run from 1989-1993, winning the AL East 4 times ('89, '91-'93). So, the World Series teams were really the last set of great teams. It's just sad that they could never really get over the hump in the ALCS until '92.


That said, I really did feel bad for Cleveland in 1997. That was heartbreaking for any sports fan to watch (except for the mythical and rarely seen Marlins fan).

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I've only been a fan for 3 years (well not even that many because I didn't start following until the playoffs of '09), but I am a diehard Washington Captials fan. I take watching hockey WAAAAY too seriously. I have gotten in trouble many times from watching games and once almost got into 3 fights in the same day at school over hockey.

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Football-Minnesota Vikings, no matter how many times they lose haha.


Baseball-Minnesota Twins, see above. I hope they turn it around soon though.


Hockey-I love college hockey, especially St. Cloud State and whoever plays the Minnesota Golden Goofers (I intentionally spelled it that way). Pro hockey is alright, I like the Wild as well as the Nashville Predators. However, I like college hockey (and high school hockey ) more because of the atmosphere and also seeing potential pro players develop.


In short, I am a Minnesota sports fan, all this losing has prepared me for any heartbreak that comes my way.

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As many of you many have gathered from my trip reports, I am a huge baseball fan. Being from Missouri, with plenty of family in St. Louis, the Cardinals have always been my team.


My home ballpark is Hammons Field, home of the AA Springfield Cardinals, and it's a beautiful small park with not a bad seat in the house and some damn good ballpark food. If y'all come down here, try the Philly cheesesteak or the Springfield-style cashew chicken. Both are fantastic and go well with local brews from Mother's. 


The DH is anathema, and real pitchers hit, but if I have to go for an AL team, it would be the Minnesota Twins. May sound weird to some, since Missouri does have an AL team in the Kansas City Royals, but it comes from just being in awe of Torii Hunter back in the day and stuck with them.


Been to a few ballparks on my travels, so far:

The Ballpark in Arlington

Busch Stadium II

Busch Stadium III

Citizens Bank Park

Comisky Field

Fenway Park

Great American Ballpark

Kauffman Stadium

Miller Park

PNC Park

Wrigley Field

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I'm a big sports guy! My favorite sport and team is college basketball and the Kansas Jayhawks. I also follow the Chicago Blackhawks, Chicago Bulls, Chicago Bears, Chicago White Sox, Illinois State University basketball and Manchester City to top it off. I've been to over 30 stadiums, some of my favorites are Allen Fieldhouse, Fiserv Forum, Fenway, PNC Park and Petco Park. Within the next couple months I'll be going to ISU's basketball games and I hope to make it to a spring training game (not looking likely when I'm there with lockout), Busch Stadium for my first time after driving past in 20 times, and March madness for the first time!

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