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Another UK Photo TR: Paulton's Park!

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I'm glad you guys enjoyed Cobra.

I agree it's not as intense as the one in Klotten, but for a family ride it's pretty good. Did you guy's try the maze?


Shame Stealth was shut. Considering originally it was planned to be down just for 2 days at the start of last week, they are not doing very well


Paul 'Are you off to get another new Intamin coaster ?' Chapman

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Im going to Thorpe Park tomorrow, that Stealth BETTER be open or i shan't be a happy bunny.....if i was a bunny that is.


Of course, knowing my track recrd, everytime i go to thorpe its guaranteed that it will be cloudy, cold, Samurai will experience "technical difficulties" just as we reach the end of the queue,there will be a huge thunderstorm, and most of the rides will be shut for most of the day.



Maybe thinking negative will prove opposite will happen

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My first TPR experience began at 9:00am when I met up with Robb, Elissa and Non-German Tom out in front of the entrance to Thorpe Park! We found out that although Stealth had been scheduled to be back up and running today (after a few days' downtime) it was, in fact, still closed! A big queue was already starting to form outside the front of the park (as it's currently school Easter holidays here in the UK) so instead Tom drove us over to Paultons Park so we could ride their new coaster, Cobra!


Cobra turned out to be very much a family ride, unlike its insane counterpart Robb and Elissa visited in Klotten! Whilst it definitely had some really fun parts, the final bunny hills sadly didn't really have much/any airtime - although the ride did totally redeem itself by going through a shed! It's the sort of coaster that would be even more fun and maybe even quite intense if it ran a lot faster. But Paultons is a family park so it kind-of makes sense that they're (intentionally) running the lift hill on a reduced speed.


Next, I picked up my very first 'kiddie-coaster-ridden-as-an-adult' credit on the Flying Frog whose airtime hill resembled Stengel's Bückel-type hill as found on Expedition GeForce, Alton Tower's Rita:QOS etc.! The launch was intense* and the airtime was extreme*! Hopefully Robb will post his awesome and totally exclusive POV footage soon!


(*for a coaster of its size, resembling a kind-of-bored-looking frog)


After being stung by Stinger - another family coaster, we hit the Kontiki (Tours) ride which was a lot of fun (not quite sure how to describe it - but there was some spinning involved so Elissa took on the role of photographer). But my favourite ride at Paultons was the Jumping Bean which was a nice bounce-up-and-down Moser ride.


We left the park just after midday and headed for the McDonalds just down the road. This was another first-in-a-long-long-time for me, so I definitely got the full Theme Park Review experience today, that's for sure!


One of the other many highlights of the day was Robb making his 'special noise' to scare Tom whilst he was driving us back! That's something that will stay with me a long time, and really has to be experienced in person to be believed! Words alone would not do it justice.


All in all, it was a hoot hoot! Which in Paultons terms means a really great day and I'm very much looking forward for some more TPR fun on the 'add-on' trip to Tusenfryd and Liseberg this June! Anyway, here are some more pictures - this time from my camera - for you all to enjoy. Big shout out of maximum respect to Percy the owl, by the way.


All the best,



And I went back on the train whilst Robb, Elissa and Tom headed off to their exciting and mysterious next destination!


Tom braved the water chute!


...before we checked out the penguins!!


A word of warning...


Wow! The Flying Frog was really flying!! The back of the train went so fast that it overtook the front... Er...


Has the shed been mentioned enough? ;)


It's like a 'behind the scenes' of the main update page!


Robb capturing some footage in front of a Teletubby-style landscape!


...and we found Cobra!


Percy pointed us in the right direction...

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Sounds you all had a big hoot, Paulton's is a nice place for laugh which looks like you all did that, did you try the Magic Forest with lots of wacky nursery rhyme like Humpty Dumpty ect?


Shame you didn't go to Thorpe, looking on a other forum Stealth did open later on. Next time I gusse

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Looks like you all had a great time, Cobra does look like a fun coaster.


BTW, if you are going to Chessington soon. I'm sorry to say the Bubbleworks Imperial Leather makeover is not good. They still have the fountains but thats probably to only good part of the ride. The rest is just in your face advertising with a bunch of rubber ducks.

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