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Favorite coaster cars/trains or ride vehicles

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Probably the most comfortable trains I've ever been in are the ones on the old Schwartzy Loopers, like Scorpion at BGA.



The train has since been painted, but it's always had a nice, stripy theme to it.

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I love Superman Escape From Krypton cars!!! They are so freakin cool and so comfortable with the new foam OSTR!

The only thing I despise about the new cars are the arm "nets" on the sides. They're a lot more restrictive than I would have liked. Oh well!


I've always been partial to these in FL and CA:



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From a purely aesthetic standpoint, there are few trains that I dislike. Most of them look quite nice. My personal favorite train, though, has got to be the Century Flyer. NAD created an art deco masterpiece with these trains.


BTMRR also gets props solely for it's locomotive zero car.

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The old Intamin/Anton cars, of course




If you get over the 70s retro look, they are very comfortable. You get real air time, and real lateral time (no seat dividers; the lap bars are "built in" seat dividers, but you still get lateral time - best of all worlds!) You're perfectly safe in them, but still have freedom. I love the sound they make, too!


For woodies, I'm very fond of the old classics: a nice big seat with no seat divider and a single position lap bar. Those are getting more and more rare, but I'll love em as long as I can!


Arrow trains are great to look at.. I'm thinking most trains have their pros and cons. As for the new stuff (which makes sense to talk about) I find the Timberliners to be more comfortable than GCI lap bars or PTC ratchet bars (I'll take a buzz bar any day, though!)


The Gerslauer cars used on Dare Devil Dive at SFOG are great! Scary hang time!


Aside from the lap bars, the GCI Millennium Flyer trains are excellent. It's like sitting on a little couch!

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Perhaps my favorite trains are the PTC ones on GhostRider. The seats are padded, and I like the leathery texture to them. The cars themselves are quite simple, and the lap bars have that nice clicking sound. With that being said, GhostRider delivers a really rough experience when sitting in the second row of the car.

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