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Favorite coaster cars/trains or ride vehicles

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My favorite coaster train is the Furius Baco "wing rider" design. That's a nice experience to seat anywhere in the train and have a lot of distance between the front seats, and it gives a very good vision of the ground. And they also look great and modern.


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The train itself is nothing special, but I like the coloring of the Zoomerang train at Lake Compounce (my pictures don't show the train very well at all, unfortunately). Also, I thought Chaos train at Opryland USA (RIP) was kind of interesting because of how it seemed to go on forever.


I also agree with everyone who said Dueling Dragons--I especially like Ice Dragon!

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For me, B&M Hyper Coaster trains are by far the most comfortable seats in the market. Not only that, but they allow for some insane airtime to be experienced.


I also enjoy Schwarzkopf trains, B&M inverts/sit-down looper trains, Expedition Everest's trains, PTC trains (especially ones with buzzbars), Intamin hyper trains, and Millenium Flyer Trains.


The worst trains are so much easier for me to decide on- Togo Stand-Ups.

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^^ I second the Premier cars, those things are pretty cozy!


As for me, I really like the look of El Toro's trains. They have a sort of "mine cart" wooden style that looks cool on the sides. I also like those bulky, yet comfy cars on Morgan hypers like Steel Force.

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My favorite trains are the ones found on the B&M hypers Behemoth, Diamondback, and Intimidator. I do not like hyper trains with 4 in a row like on Apollo's Chariot... They should be switched the other type and maybe my opinion of Apollo's Chariot might be fantastic like almost everyone elses, but for now, I still think Apollo's Chariot is very overrated.


I also really enjoy Intimidator 305's new and improved trains with the simple red lapbar and black straps!


I love B&M floorless coasters rising/lowering floor, it is a very cool concept to watch, but besides the floor, the train is okay...

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My faves:


X2's Trains


B&M Flying trains


B&M Stand-Up trains...you know, I like ALL the B&M trains.


Space Mountain DLRP's trains


Finally, Schwarzkopfs that still use only lap bars.


Since my thread regarding the WORST rolling stock was locked, I'll post Flashback's old train here.

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Worst: Standard Arrow boxes.


IMO they aren't terrible once you are in them, but getting in and out is nearly impossible for me, especially when it comes to beating up your knees! (I am 6'1"... I do not know how people taller than that are able to get in and out of them!)

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