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Favorite coaster cars/trains or ride vehicles

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Some favourites from this past summer's visits:



Mack's trains are really good. I have to say I'm not quite a fan of the way they look but they ride amazingly. Super comfortable and with plenty of freedom. I'd love to try the ones they used on lost gravity as they look like a comfortable version of skyrush's (which, apart from that issue, are also great)

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I'm a sucker for Diamonback's trains, look and feel. I also like the corny wheel covers on Afterburn, especially the redbirds with teeth.


Photo from visitki.com


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I do love the complete feel of the old B&M dive machines. They seem so mechanical, and as if they are purely there to drop you into a hole. They feel RAW! The color scheme of black and orange is also really nice.


They just look so cool.

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I don't care for any ride that requires a seat belt across two sides of a restraint, connecting them in the middle (see: X, Vekoma Flying Dutchmans). I see it as shoddy engineering and a sure sign of a painful experience.

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Most of the coaster trains at BGW.


Can't go wrong with the look of classic Arrow trains, and Loch Ness Monster's trains are lovingly maintained.

Alpengeist is the ultimate expression of the inverted coaster, the skis push it over the top.

Apollo's Chariot has the best-looking B&M hyper trains, that design on the zero car is just so classy.

For all of the faults Verbolten has, the trains are not one. Working headlights set it apart.

InvadR's trains are the best fate for the old Gwazi trains.

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I probably posted this earlier, on another page, but it's definitely worth repeating....

(Found it. Bottom of Page 21.)


Easily the one that still resonates with me, child and/or adult, is the Alice In Wonderland cars at Disneyland.

I still equate it, as the "non-flying" version of Peter Pan! From that dive into the rabbit hole, thru to the Un-Birthday Party!


And, repeating my usual "suggestion," these could be turned into awesome trackless vehicles,

like those Hunny Pots at TDL, for a really original Alice 21st Century attraction, complete with multilevels,

trackless vehicles, and a LOT of audio-animatronics, real scenic designs and screen-mapping technology....


Just a suggestion. (And I also repeat - NOT based on the Tim Burton movies. ONLY on Disney's Original.)


Perfect for a trackless vehicle conversion! (o: (Photo from the net.)

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^ Well, it hasn't actually been ridden yet. So I guess everybody was waiting

till everybody could ride it. But I definitely thought of that coaster train, as well as you


It does look like a great coaster train. Photo from Disney.

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