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What's your favorite Flat ride?

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Some of my favorites:

Tampico Tumbler formerly at KBF. Most insane airtime on a flat


Tasmanian Devil at SFDK

Da Vinci's Cradle at BGE

Riptide at KBF

Hammerhead formerly at KBF

Wipeout a SCBB strobe lights and spinny!


Drop towers if that counts:

S:ToP at SFoT

Drop Zone at GA

Double Shot at SCBB

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Anyone remember that ride a Kings Island where you were in a jet or rocket and you could control the moves it made? You could make it go up or down and you could also perform barrel roles with the joystick in the middle. I think it is closed now, but it was a lot of fun when I rode it a long time ago.


They had one at GA too. It was really fun! Too bad it was replaced by a TurboBungy and eventually a 3 Point Challenge.

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Monday, September 10, 2007


Hamanako Pal Pal park, Japan


I found my true in flat rides.


So much so, I rode it four times in a row! As did several of us there at the time, lol.


A two-seater Paratrooper-Enterprise-like thing. One that can have the seats LOCKED in place (see top of the wheel in the pic below?) at the BWWWA-HA-HAaaaa merciless desire of the ride op???


The real deal in this amazing flat, is that when your chair was unlocked you could possibly swing your seats around into a 360' loop! Or more, as or Au$$ie A$$hole rep Rich proved on every ride he took, with or without a buddy passenger! (Ask Lou 'bout that one, lolol.)


Never thought I'd want to ride something like this again - and again - and again! Mmm, man does my home park need this flat. Yummers.

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I can't decide what my favorite flat is. There are so many and I love them all. But I can say what the scariest is for me.


Tonight, at the local carnival, I popped my Zipper cherry with my dad. While we were looking at the ride, we noticed that not a lot of people were flipping. So we get on, and the ride starts. Almost immediately we did four flips in a row! I was expecting to not flip that much, and I think we flipped about fifteen times! It doesn't look that intense, but when I was on it it was very scary! There was a sign at the entrance that said "This is a Super thrill ride designed for mature and experienced riders only." They were not lying.

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I'm not sure how many people know about this ride, but it's called a KamiKaze (mostly seen in fair and carnivals) Its like two hammers that swing opposite each other and eventually flip you upside down (sometimes hang you upside down). That, along with the traditional swings, and the orbiter are my favorite flats...

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My Favorite 3 are

  • Rush (S&S swing @ Thorpe park)
    Ice Blast (S&S space shot @ PBBlackpool)
    Some fairground version of PBB Spin Doctor (I can see McDonald's from here!!)

You cant make me chose!!! but seeing as thats the point in the thread its the swing. Always loved the pirate ship versions and the sound it makes is great


Has anyone ridden that and Skyhawk and want to tell me how much better Cedar Points version is to make the agonizing wait to get there worse


Rush @ Thorpe Park


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