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What's your favorite Flat ride?

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I always wanted to know what the KMG Afterburner/Fireballs feel like. For example, Does it have 'airtime'? Or does it just feel like a roundup that swings?




I guess it depends. Sometimes they can have intense airtime and other times it doesnt have any. The airtimes not extreme, but it can pack a punch if you're not wary of it...

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My favorite flat ride is the indoor breakdance at Grona Lund, Stockholm, Sweden. That thing gyrates to some fine R&B music. Amazing what twinkly lights and music can do to a ride. Most parks underestimate that effect and don't play music at all around their rides.

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Another favourite are the waltzers.


There's one where they've fine tuned it so as you tilt, the car always spins. They also have walkers that make to worse sometimes...


A recent one had 2 walkers, strobes, lasers, smoke, heavy metal (old school Maiden) and loads of disco lights! That was a blast!

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Yeah, as far as *other* flat rides go, Talocan is by far the best Top Spin and certainly one of the best flat rides that I've ever been on.


But basically, Bouncy Bouncy > every other flat ride.


Well, Bouncy Bouncy > sex, so...


Yeah. Bouncy Bouncy > everything else on the planet.

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Bouncy Bouncy Vs Sex - The winner is "Bouncy Bouncy"...??? Are you shure??? I think you have to try the Italian version...!!! (ME!!! ) Ahahahah...!!! OK I'm joking!!! I mean... the Italian version made by Zamperla because it is completely different from others (including Larson - A.R.M., Sartori, Fabbri, Safecto, etc...)!!! ...but finally you know... starting from IAAPA 2007 that will be held in Orlando you will become more famous... (you are already part of the brochure!!!)


Anyway... my preferred big flat ride is the "Giant Discovery" - Zamperla in cooperation with Soriani has realized one extreme version similar to maXair by Huss (@ Cedar Point) but it goes a little bit higher and faster!!! Yeah!!! A big challenge for your stomach...!!! Another good family flat ride could be the Mega Disk'O 40 seats!!!


Giant Discovery 40 - Dinosaur Park - Changzou, China

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