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What's your favorite Flat ride?

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Mine would have to be Breakdancer type 4's/Rodeos (Because I know the trick to get 'em to spin a bit more than your typical ride + the fun you can have (Depending on the ride operator) before the ride actually starts provided the cars/pods aren't locked. & KMG Afterburner/Fireball (US).




Breakdancer 4/Rodeo

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I would have to say that grand old stand-by...the tilt-a-whirl. It always makes me laugh and it is one of the few rides that my 59 year old mother will go on with me- she hates coasters and anything that goes upside down but she loves to spin! I have yet to get her on a spinning coaster.

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Oh I forgot about Skyhawk- its kinda big so I wasn't thinking out it as being a "flat ride."


I can tell you one of the most unique ones I was on- its at La Ronde and on the outside it looks like a Gravatron but it tilts and you sit down inside of it and the seats slide up and down the walls as you spin.

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I always wanted to know what the KMG Afterburner/Fireballs feel like. For example, Does it have 'airtime'? Or does it just feel like a roundup that swings?



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After riding it at two different parks, the Screaming Swing is my new favorite.

It's quite intense and fun.

The feeling at the highest point, when you're just secured by your lapbar, is crazy.

I hope to see more of those around.

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