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What's your favorite Flat ride?

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The few fav's - mostly all Mondials & KMG


Any mondial Topscan thats run right i.e Top Buzz 2/The Beast (not Samurai at Thorpe)

any mondial inferno i.e (Airwolf)

Pendulus (Huss Frisbee) - Pleasure Island, sadly they can't run it at full speed, due to peope being sick lots (Need to ride a better one)

KMG Afterburners the 4/6arms only.

KMG Move It's (not done the 8 arm yet)

KMG Booster's

Huss Breakdancer's

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I like the huss giant frisbee and almost all drop rides (except green power tower, not enough force to the drop for me, red's okay) Zippers are also fun, but hard to find around my parts, but I'm shocked nobody has mentioned the ferris wheel. Sure it's not that thrilling, but on the old ones when you could rock the cars and take your date up high in the air, getting an awsome view of the park... gets my vote for nostalgia if nothing else.

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i love drop towers.The feeling you get as youre at the top of the tower,and youe waiting for what seems like an eternity,and,then,before you know it,youre plummeting back down to earth,the most extreme feeling of airtime i have experienced.Before you know it,its over and i dont know about you,but im left with a gaint grin on my face for the rest of the day...

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i think that the enterprise-type rides are fun, i love the way that u have nothing holding you in your seat other than gravity!

this was the first ride that i went on that went upside down, and now i go on loads of different things!


(i have added 2 pictures of the ride i was on at Alton Towers)


Alton Towers Enterprise


Alton Towers Enterprise

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hi, can i just ask... it's quite a wierd question, but what happens on the Tower Of Terror? I have never been on it before. But i have heard it is quite gd!:)



another one of my favourites would have to be the Mexican Wave type things, i don't know what the real name of them are, might be Miami...

i've put a picture anyway:)

thanks david]


Miami thingy

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For the person who asked, Amazing Confusion is a Mondial Ultra Max. I believe it's the only one in the world.


My personal favorite is Delirium at Kings Island (Huss Giant Frisbee) followed closey by Long Island Adventureland's Top Scan which is no more.

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Double Shot at IB, swinging ships and falling stars (and whoever said the swinging ship over water, amen brother!)


Also, I'm not sure who considers log flumes as flat rides, or simply water rides, but regardless I am a flume addict.


Xcalibur at SFStL, Power Tower at CP, Hellavator at SFKK

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I thought Slammer @ Thorpe Park was awesome. One of very few rides where I was actually nervous before the ride started. It wasnt bad at all actually. A bit uncomfortable for your back, but the sensation you get going over the top is amazing.


I had high hopes for Rush, but I thought it was a very gentle ride. It didnt have the powerful swings that you get on a KMG Afterburner, even though the Screamin Swings goes higher.

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I suppose my favourite type would be Intamin freefall rides, or failing that S&S Space Shot rides.


However, my all time favourite flat ride is the Top Spin at PCW, Cliffhanger. I've never been so wet coming off of a ride my entire life. The fountains were great on hot days.

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