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What's your favorite Flat ride?

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MaXair at Ceder Point would be my favorite. The combined high swing with the spinning....my word.


AMEN. Not a flat ride person usually, but this ride is TEH AWESOME times, like, a million. And followed closely by SkyHawk, too, as others have mentioned above.

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Black Buccaneer (Swinging ship)

Detonator (Drop ride)

Apocalypse (Stand up drop ride)

Rush (screaming swing)

Rameses Revenge (Top spin)

Malestrom (Outward facing spinny thing a bit like afterburn)

I can't choose a favorite one, cause they are all too good! However, the only on that scares me is Detonator. It is one of the only rides that still scares me... The seatbelt is so loose, and the car kind of launches down...

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I will always have a soft spot in my heart for
that was at SFNE.


I always enjoyed those as well. I know I'm in the minority but I thought they were cool.


As much as I love Maxair, I think that Cedar Downs just edges it out as my favorite flat because of the pure "fun" factor. I make a point to ride it every time I'm at Cedar Point.


Rye Playland (My home Park which is in serious danger of never opening again) has one of those too and it's a lot faster than the one at Cedar Point (Though I loved Cedar Downs). If you're ever in the NY area and if Playland still exists it's worth a ride.

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Honestly, the Moser Gyro Loop that was on display at IAAPA this year was the best flat ride I've ever been on. It was only about 20 feet tall, but that fact that you can control it is AWESOME! It would be totally impractical in any amusement park for its extremely low capacity, but it is definitely cooler and more intense than any flat ride I've ever been on.

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I don't have one favorite flat ride, as I keep them in separate categories and don't rank the categories against each other. However, I'll list my favorites for each category:


Bumper Car: Sandblasters at SFMM

Carousel: The Carousel at SCBB, closely followed by Cedar Downs Racing Derby at Cedar Point

Drop Ride: Tie between Scream at SFNE and Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at DCA

Ferris Wheel: Mickey's Fun Wheel at DCA

Pendulum: Skyhawk at Cedar Point

Scrambler: Astrosphere at Funtown Splashtown USA

Simulator: Curse of Darkastle at BGW, closely followed by Soarin' Over California at DCA

Spinner: La Revolucion at KBF

Swing Ride: Windseeker at KBF

Undefined (rides that don't fit nicely into another category): Tie between Catepult and Houdini's Great Escape, both at SFNE


In general, my favorite types of flats are drop rides, followed by swing rides, pendulums and good simulators. My least favorite flats are Ferris Wheels, not because I don't like heights but because I generally find them boring. Also, I have yet to ride a decent bumper car ride, hence my choice for that category.

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I love flat rides!


- Soriani & Moser: Top Star Tour

- Huss: Breakdance, Enterprise, Frisbee, Magic, Megadance, Flipper, Top Spin, Booster

- Mondial: Shake R5, Inferno

- KMG: Afterburner

- Zierer: Star Shape

- Mack: Musik Express, Hully Gully

- Gerstlauer: Suspended Polyp

- Schwarzkopf: Monster 3

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