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What's your favorite Flat ride?

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Another pic

This is the worlds biggest freefall- Giant Drop. The view from the top is awesome, you can see Queenslands best beaches from up the top, even though the park is a 25 minute drive to the beaches :shock:

mmmm..... airtime!



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^ Neither do I. Tower of Terror is not a Flat ride either.


The only type of "Tower" I may consider a flat ride would be Condor at SFGAmerica.


It that the same Condor that resided at SFMM many many moons ago? Mom called it the Spinning Pukey.


My fav has always been the Reactor (looks like Enterprise from previous posts may be the same ride, no?), there used to be one at KBF as well as SFMM. Those were good times.

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Rock-O-Planes are undoubtably the best flat rides I have ever ridden. I love when I can get the car to flip itself over and over. I like to brake the seat in the upright position at the top and hold it there so that I am upside-down at the bottom. I always try to balance the car at the perfect angle to keep it upside down all the way from the top down to the bottom. One time I successfully balanced the car upside down for one full rotation. It was the most amazing ride I had ever experienced. Last year the ride-op told me that he had fun watching me, because the way I manouvered the seat was like an art form . At the yearly carnival I am normally the only person there on the night when they sell the unlimited ride wristbands, so I tell the ride-op to keep the ride going for about 15 minutes. I think this year I will try to convince them to let me get onride videos.

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Another one of my favorites would have to be Riptide @ KBF. Unlike Robb, I set teh record for the most flips that month. The thing like broke and they had us flip over like 10 times. It was crazy!

Brent "It probably wasn't as bbad as a Roll-O-Plane getting stuck barrel rolling" Shenton

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I love the Ripsaw at alton towers, theres nothing quite like being held upside-down uptill you get sprayed in the face with water then span around a few times to dry off if you dont like the water you might get lucky theres 15 possible sequences



thanks to www.towerstimes.co.uk

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I have a few:


Maelstrom: Drayton Manor

Fireball: Pleasurewood Hills

Bling: Blackpool Pleasure Beach

The Beast: Fantasy Island

Amazing Confusion: Fantasy Island

Any Fabbri Booster, especially G-Force that was at Fantasy Island, the biggest & fastest Booster ever made at nearly 200ft and 80mph


G-Force,RIP, damn you local residents!


The Beast, much longer programme on this than Samurai!


Amazing Confusion, it's one of them rides that go the way over and rotate, sorry for being rather technical, what's it's real name?

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