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What's your favorite Flat ride?

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Maxair at Cedar Point was a big surprise, I thought it'd be like the smaller frisbee at my local park, but holy crap was it awesome!


Maelstrom at Morey's Piers, I couldn't tell when I was upside down or on my back! Awesome gem to the park, I hope it never leaves.


I used to not like Catapult at SFNE, but it's grown on me and I've come to like the feeling of my face being ripped off.


Used to be terrified of drop towers, and I still am, but I love them to death!


Though I'll probably lose my credibility of being a man, I must admit that I still love carousels and sometimes I can't resist boarding them.

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I absolutely love drop rides. The taller, the better. The initial drop and weightlessness is excitingly scary!


Those sky swing/sky coaster things are pretty fun, but the cost of them is ridiculous. Of course the Zipper at the fair is awesomely fun. Can never get enough of them.

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This one is tough for me. I usually don't think too much about flat rides. They are more of a nice distraction for me. However, as I think of it one of the coolest rides I've been on is a centrifuge type ride where the floor drops down (sorry, I don't know the name). I also love the flying scooters and the Huss Top Spins.

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I really enjoyed the Double Shot at SCBB, I just really enjoy launching coasters and rides and this being my only "launching ride", it really impressed me and the boardwalk atmosphere really made it very impressive. Double Shot is the only ride in SCBB that I can do a marathon (or Giant Dipper in the front seat).


Also, I was impressed by Spongebob's Boatmobiles (PEANUTS Pirates) in CGA as I never expected a kiddie ride to be that much fun. I thought it was genius to make the ride slow down and speed up during the ride with the illusion that the ride ended and then it speeds up and whips you in a dizzying revolution.


Though, my favorite flat ride is Double Shot.

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Im not the biggest fan of S&S Spaceshots. We have a 200ft one here in australia (Batwing at movieworld) and it looked intimidating enough to give me second thoughts about riding. However, once I came off I was actually very dissapointed. The first launch is kinda fun and you get a bit of airtime at the top but I really didnt find it thrilling at all.

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Zippers or Huss Giant Frisbees are probably my favorites.


That being said I've always been a bit of a Paratrooper Enthusiast also. While I wouldn't consider them thrilling or anything I've been going to Rehoboth Beach every summer since I was born and the Paratrooper they have there was my first "big ride". They're a rare breed but I never pass up the opportunity to ride one.

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