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What's your favorite Flat ride?

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I'll go ahead and say Cyclone Sams is in my top 10 as well...and Bamboozler is always fun, too. It's a must ride for anyone who goes to Worlds of Fun, and anytime one goes to Worlds of Fun.


I don't have a favorite, but here's a few I like:


Huss Enterprises

Intamin Drop Towers

S&S Space Shots

Huss Giant Frisbees

S&S Screamin Swing

Tower of Terror at Hollywood Studios

Sandstorm at BGT & Phoenix at BGT

Huss(?) Chaos


Forgot to say Top Scan - I rode one at the Houston Rodeo last year and it kicked ass

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When I was younger and carried smaller balls with me it was definitely Sky Trip (on german fairs)

but the baby industry would go bankrupt if this ride was popular.


... I actually now have changed and rather go on rollercoasters where I used to prefer flat rides like Take off, Booster or Shake when I was younger!

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Cedar Point has a tone of awesome flats to go along with the great coasters. I could choose from about 6 of those but I may have to go with drop zone at KI or KD. Those things are scary as hell!


I wonder why SFMM doesn't have any good flats. It was definitely one of the many reasons why I wasn't so impressed with that park.

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Do SCAD towers count?


If not, my top ten would be:


10. Rotor

9. Downforce/unicoaster

8. Screamin Swing

7. Chaos

6. Power Surge

5. Shake

4. Top Scan

3. Ejection Seat (With cables and spring box thing)

2. Ejection Seat (with real bungees)

1. Zipper

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That's an Orbiter right? Those things are nuts! Too bad the one at my local fair only has a 45 second cycle. But those 45 seconds were pure bliss.


Yes sir! A Tivoli Orbiter. Sorry I should have mentioned that.

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