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What's your favorite Flat ride?

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Now, I made some videos of the most of my favourite Flat rides:


Cyber Space (travelling)


Transformer (travelling)


Airwolf (travelling)


XXL (travelling)


Flash (travelling)


Devil Rock (travelling)


Vortex travelling)


The real Shake (travelling)


Top Scan (travelling)


Eclipse (travelling)


Commander (travelling)



Shake&Roll (travelling)



Xenox (travelling)




Talocan (Phantasialand),

Booster Maxx Mega G4 (travelling),

Free Fall Tower (Holiday Park),

Scream (Heide Park),

I haven't a video at the moment.

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Pretty much the only Flat Ride's I ride are Drop Towers. Intamin 2nd generations are my favorite but S&S Turbo Drop's are also fun.


Here's my Top 5:


1. Drop Tower - Kings Island

2. Drop Tower - California's Great America

3. Pit Fall - Kennywood

4. Power Tower (drop side) - Cedar Point

5. Supreme Scream - Knott's Berry Farm

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Here are my Favorite Flat Rides.


1. Tower of Terror @ WDW. (I count it as a flat ride.)

2. Zipper @ Various Traveling Fairs

3. Drop Zone @ Kings Island

4. All the other Intamin 2nd Generation Drop Towers I've ridden

5. Hammerhead @ KBF (R.I.P)

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Right now I think mine are:


1, and the others are not even close: maXair at Cedar Point. I got off of that one thinking I had never had that much fun on any ride, including coasters... except maybe on Montu and Apollo's Chariot! The upside-down view of the park on maXair late at night is mindblowing.


2. Drop Tower at Kings Dominion... great view of the park and very good airtime. I wish I made my visits to my home park with more people that could summon the courage to ride it, haha.


3. Flying Eagles at Kings Dominion


4. Super Himalayas are fun... I'll pick Trade Wind at Busch Gardens Europe since it gave me nice airtime earlier this season!


5a. Huss Troikas... I'd go with Triple Spin at Kings Dominion for this. I've also ridden the Troika at Cedar Point, but its setting in the park isn't so great and makes the ride look wimpy with maXair and Wicked Twister so close by.


5b. Tea cups at wherever... my first set was Mad Tea Party at the Magic Kingdom, but I like SFFT's too because they're billiard balls (non-traditional theme)


One that I think is highly, highly overrated: Skyhawk. It did nothing for me at all... except cause my acrophobia to kick in (which even Top Thrill Dragster did not do!). I got no airtime on that thing and was happy to get off.

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1. MaXair at Cedar Point- I love how disoriented I was afterwards. You constantly change between floater airtime while partially upside down and looking at the park and being crammed into the seat with Gs.


2. Drop Tower at Kings Dominion- I think this is the only flat ride that still scares me. I love the perspective of how high up you are and then the amazing weightlessness during the drop.


3. Chaos at Cedar Point- Call me crazy but it was a LOT of fun. I loved how you had control to flip it yourself and how during the ride you were guaranteed to go in every direction possible.


4. Power Tower (drop side) at Cedar Point- I probably would have liked it more if I hadn't been assigned to the side facing one of the other towers, but anyhow the drop was fun and I liked how you bounced up and down before stopping.


5. Meteor at Dorney Park- I was scared out of my wits when I got on but it turned out to be a lot of fun. It's like going through a Schwarzkopf loop umpteen times, both forwards and backwards.

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My favorite flat by a longshot is Vekoma's Wakiki Wave! Is there any more of these in the WORLD?! The only one i've seen is Quake at SFKK! Quake was a prototype and was usually a lawn ornament! I heard that after Quake, Vekoma perfected them so they could go upside down! Quake was replaced with a ProSlide Tornado in 2005! When Quake was open, I loved everything about it down to the ominous screeching sounds the engines made!


Does anyone know where I can experience another Vekoma Wakiki Wave?!!!

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Every drop ride in existence (Except for the ones at Family Kingdom and Circus Circus, they sucked!)


Also, If you've been to the Chincoteague Island 4th of July Fair, it has the most insane Paratrooper you will ever ride (yes, an insane Paratrooper, you have to ride it to believe it).

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