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What's your favorite Flat ride?

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The Boomerang (weird flat I havent seen since the 80s)



Scat (kind of like a Round-Up, but divided in half and there are two of them that spin around each other)


Flying Bobs

Caterpillar (RIP)


High Roller (god knows I shouldnt like it, nor should anyone, but I do)

oh, and the Super Loops (when it doesnt get stuck)



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Vertigo at Tivoli Garden is the best flat ride i've been on!


We allways choose to let it be on the top speed (100 km/h) during the whole ride. We knew that we were going to be under an averagely influence of 4,2 g's for 210 sekunds,

but during the ride I was very surprised; I really wanted the g-force to double up ...I wondered why the sign of facts didn't say anything about 3 g's .

But still it's the best flat ride i've been on.


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I have several flats that I really have enjoyed and still do:


-Tripple Spin (Kings Dominion)

-Monster (Kings Island/Dorney Park)

-Scrambler (at pretty much all of the parks I've been to, other than Disney and Universal)

-Tilt-A-Whirl (same as above)

-The Howler (Hersheypark)

-Flying Falcon (Hersheypark)

-Ferris Wheel (at several of the parks I've been to. I love them because of the great views as well as prime pic-taking spots)

-Chance Wipeout (Knoebels - one of the best updated Trabant rides around)

-Tea Cups (WDW Magic Kingdom/Storm Force at Islands of Adv)

-Flying Scooters (Hersheypark and Kings Dominion)

-Huss Pirate Ships (Hersheypark, and I'm not sure if the Knoebels model is from Huss, but it reminded me of Hershey's)


That's pretty much most of my top favorites of flats at parks. I know there are probably more that I never listed but it's hard to keep track.

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i much liked the zipper ,


the first time i went on it was the most extreme airtime and joy ever,


the third time i went on one was at a different place and it just was rather boring !


they did not run it both - ways, forwards and backwards,


between these 3 was a 2nd ride which was not as good at the first, i am trying to picture where i was at the first / second ridings ,


i think the first was at a fair that used to come here once a year, and the second at a state fair, and the third at a state fair in san diego

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I have a lil' update that is heavily biased toward SCBB.

1. The merry-go-round at SCBB. It's like a carousel thrill ride. There's the suspense of not knowing for sure whether you'll even get the ring (it's relatively easy, but requires a careful split-second maneuver), and then the excitement of throwing it! I could spend all day switching between the Giant Dipper and the Carousel. I totally need to ride all the other ring carousels!

2. Fireball at SCBB is the best KMG Afterburner/(any equivalent I may have ridden) I've ridden, I believe. Still, Scream-n-Eagle at Oaks Park is great, and I couldn't be 100% sure if one or the other is better. I know for a fact that the other two I've ridden (traveling one and Delirium at CGA) are much worse.

3. The Rock-O-Plane at SCBB is definitely the best I've ridden. I loved the one at Oaks Park, but now I call that one a Snore-O-Plane. At Oaks I was cursing under my breath. At SCBB I was screaming! It's more intense and has a better atmosphere.

4. I'm guessing I just like non-looping swinging pirate ships in general, but the only one i've ridden is the Banana Boat at Gilroy Gardens. Crazy, crazy airtime! I entertained the other riders with my screams and expressions of shock.


I also like Spider rides (ridden one, looking to ride more), and I find drop towers strangely fun and reridable even though they're not that interesting (or at least not the 3 I've been on).

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S&S Screamin Swings are the most amazing flat rides I have ever been on. Unfortunately the ride cycles are always WAYY too short, and the seats are usually uncomfortable (well, you dont really notice that once the rides starts since youre out of your seat quite a bit ).

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